What's with Dead Space Extraction's boxart?

New boxart of Dead Space Extraction has been released, but does it convey the same feeling as the original?

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Product3473d ago

They need to change this to a more appropriate cover for this kind of game.

SinnedNogara3473d ago

Agreed, we need another severed limb (a Necromorph foot maybe??) or something.

Product3473d ago

I dont really know if i would go that far but i feel they need to make it more realistic than the vibrant color used on the cover.

qface643473d ago

seems out of place if you ask me
after seeing the kind of game dead space is this cover just looks odd

Product3473d ago

"cover just looks odd"

Exactly...almost like The Conduit's, but The Conduit isn't trying to be scary either.

kevnb3472d ago

and I actually kinda like it...

Hellsvacancy3472d ago

Its like if Uwe Boll was 2 make Dead Space the movie THIS is probably wot the Dvd cover would look like - Not good

Syronicus3472d ago

The best part of Dead SPace was the idea that 99.9% of the time you were alone and surrounded by some nasty creatures fighting for your life. In this pic, they show two people doing just that and it makes me think the game will be less personal and less scary. If that is what the game is to be then fine but if so, then I can't see it living up to the Dead Space I love.

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Hiruma Youchi3472d ago

too much On rail horror games on wii.
they should make normal horror games.
On rail isnt scary. You guys remember house of the dead with the Gun back on Dreamcast? it was fun but not scary

Admiral_Benson3472d ago

Looks like they've gone for some sort of Star Wars/Event Horizon kind of mish mash with that cover art

Big fan of the original and I'm not feeling the new look at all...

bunfighterii3472d ago

like all wii covers, looks like a kid's game

qface643472d ago

.__. please just don't talk anymore

peeps3472d ago

i won't be as blunt but i c his point. Even though this is still going to be a mature game the cover isn't as mature as the original game. I could understand if they were aiming at a younger age group, like with ghostbusters on wii compared to ps3/360, different look to the game and different look to the cover.

but like is say, it seems to be targetting the same age group that the first did. maybe just being on wii they opted for a kinda 'less serious' cover. not sure less serious is the right words to use but it's hard to explain

Olly3472d ago

It's just boxart. I mean, handpainted art doesn't work so much for horror, and it doesn't look very scary, true. But it's just a cover, and it shouldn't reflect on the final product.

micro_invader3472d ago

But the cover of a game serves as a sort of "first impression" that a casual passer by gets, and by casual I mean someone who doesn't visit video game sites often. The target audience of this game are mainly teenagers and older, not anyone younger. Which is why this cover doesn't really work, it's not conveying the dark theme that's present in the game, instead it looks a bit too vibrant for that.

But that's just my opinion.

ChickeyCantor3472d ago

Vibrant colours are much more catchier for the eye.
Brown isn't really requesting your attention now is it?

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