NFS: SHIFT Takes NFS Back To Its Roots

When the brand name Need For Speed was born, it was a simple arcade racer. You choose your car and track, press the Drive button and you were off racing against other adrenaline pumping AI opponents. However recently this hasn't been the case....until SHIFT.

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REALgamer3423d ago

I thought it had finally gotten comfortable as a car modding / street racer, but then nooooooo ProStreet comes along.

ProStreet doesn't do anywhere near as well as the previous NFS Underground / Most Wanted / Carbon, so then Undercover returns it to open world street racing.

Then that doesn't do well either, and now here comes Shift.

Seriously EA, make up your mind and keep it. If it doesn't do well, just work harder to make the next one better or extend development time. Don't try to reinvent every single time.

/Rant over

Uncle Rico3423d ago

imo, they lost site of what NFS was. They did well for over 10 years using the same concept...and they had to botch it up with the stupid drag racing, then drifting etc... there are other games for that. I hope this one finally solves their problems.

Godem3423d ago

are they making another "Street Racing" game this year?

XboxOZ3603423d ago

Personally, I welcome NFS's new approach mate. Instead of trying to cram 3 styles of games into one, they have taken the correct route and chosen 3 distinct ways of presenting them.

SHIFT is for the hardcore racer with a little bit of arcade mixed in with regards to using assists and other styles plus a little Grid style thrown in for good measure.

Modeled on real world cars, tracks and seasons. Being built by actual racing driver and game developers who also happen to be race drivers, much like the crew at Turn 10, many of whom do race competitively still, when they aren't working on tight game schedules that is.

Nitro on the other hand is just pure fun NFS style, smash-n-bash chase and be chased as it was in earlier NFS titles.

NFS World Online is also that, but a little more arcade in style and aimed at taking that into a always on, online experience similar to the early Test Drive title on the 360 a few years ago.

Mixing it up with ppl on line in a very off-the-cuff sort of way. Nitro and World Online are not my style, but would most likely be the style for many others.

So instead of trying to be jack-of-all-trades, and master of none, they have taken the right approach and broken the title done to suit each group of users, Many of whom do have either all, or both of the platforms that can satisfy their needs.

Be that on a handheld, or lower end spec console such as the Wii (no disrespect meant) or a PC, and then you have he consoles,both PS3 and 360 for Shift.

Grid 2 (which is being built btw), will be better than before, and actually modeled on real world tracks and cars again, and really, it was a hit. While it wasn't full on Sim, and was never meant to be, it didn't drop the genre down to the level that Bizarre have now stooped to with BLUR.

Shift is designed for a marekt that is growing, Nitro and Online World are designed at an established market that is expanding. So, if you had the right idea, you'd start catering for each of them, rather than lose some by trying to shoehorn it all in one game.

Makes sense to me mate.

RonyDean3423d ago

Good write up. Im really looking forward to this Need for Speed!

gaminoz3423d ago

I think nobody really knows what to expect from Need For Speed anymore! It's all over the shop.

But then I liked the old Burnouts before Paradise...and I think I'm in the minority who preferred them.

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