Gamerz Ink: inFAMOUS - Review

Ah, inFAMOUS. First previewed around the same time the PS3 launched, and subsequently disappearing into oblivion sometime shortly afterwards. However news re-emerged at the end of last year, indicating that it would be released at some indeterminate point in 2009. Well, here we are at launch day and I'm clutching a copy in my hot little hands. How will inFAMOUS stack up against the inevitable comparisons it is going to receive to Prototype, released only a week later? Is this going to be the killer app that Sony has been seeking (with mixed success) since the PS3 hit the market?

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original seed3876d ago

Im tired of this game. Half way through and i already want to send it back to Gamefly. Generic town, Same enemies. The Karma system is Black and White. Too boring.


and of course welcome to it but I am eaglerly awaiting your review on prototype..

Also seed, you dont seem to be impressed by anything Sony..

deadreckoning6663876d ago

Personally, Ive played INFAMOUS and it does get repetitive. Im happy I decided to wait for Prototype instead.

DARK WITNESS3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

i have to say i agree with him, i played it got board of it and sent it back and got Redfaction instead. and to be honest i am enjoying that a lot more.

I would not say its a bad game or anything, but after playing it i really didn't get the hype for this game.

I really am looking forward to trying prototype only becase i want to see if its really as bad as people are making it out to be.

it is very, very worrying that we have not had any real reviews of the game or anything and from the comments of people who have played it, it sounds like its really bad. But in the end i always like to try these games for my self, if it is crap i will just take it back and get a credit note.

having said that i think this score is a bit low, i would give it an 8

Vonsutton3875d ago

I agree with you on our PS3 content so far, apart from the Killzone 2 Review. After Sony's press conference at E3, I am starting to change my mind about Playstation. Uncharted 2 looks amazing, FF 14 I wet my panties over, so im starting to see the good games trickling out. Hopefully Sony amps up the online side soon as well.

Spectrum3874d ago

Yeah, infamous does look pretty sweet, but i am looking forward to prototype myself, heres hoping its good...

KyleChief3874d ago

Its good to finally see a review of this game without all the hype thrown on for good measure. I still want to play it badly though