260° Tekken 6 on 360 Analysis: The Rematch

Gary of wrote:

"As a journalist its probably wrong for me to say I told you so, but well, I called it didn't I? When Tekken 6 was first announced to be multi-platform, media people who love to stir up console war nonsense suggested that Tekken 6 could not possibly be done on the Xbox 360 the same way it could be done on the Playstation 3. This was fueled by a Namco developer claiming that getting Tekken to run well on the 360 would be difficult."

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Simon_Brezhnev3876d ago

could careless about that button smasher game blazblue/kof ftw

rockleex3876d ago

Remember when Microsoft said the 360 offers "free AA" for games? ^_^

Kain813876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

commonsense Said,

“it looks better as the Playstation 3 version has jagged edges.”

oh…. you didn’t mentioned about the loading times on the 360 version or the sync image problems or the faulty framerate of the 360 version.. tsk.. I saw it on the E3 and the 360 version looks better on a still image, but in motion… well….

table3876d ago

The saying is that you 'couldn't care less'! i.e. you already care the least! why the hell does everyone type it 'could care less' on this website. sheesh.

ultimolu3876d ago

Give up man, it's not going to change minds or get these people to be reasonable.

Personally, I'm still getting Tekken 6 either way along with Blaze Blue and KOF XII. As long as the game doesn't look like total and utter crap on the PS3, I'll enjoy it like any other Tekken game.

DMasta7183875d ago

Anyone who calls it a button masher, obviously don't know nothing about Tekken.

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GiantEnemyCrab3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"Now here’s the real kicker, if you like the staff of were at E3 last week you’ll notice something very interesting about the Xbox 360 version of Tekken 6. It is graphically better than its Playstation 3 counterpart. Am I happy about this? Not at all but I find it very ironic that after all this arguing over Tekken 6’s ability to even be on the 360, it looks better as the Playstation 3 version has jagged edges."

The question I ask is are they in the same phase of development? A lot of the time things are cleaned up and polished at the very end and perhaps they are just in different phases?

Anyway, this wouldn't be the first time fanboys get owned. I hope that Namco get the game to look identical on both systems as it should be.

CaseyRyback_CPO3876d ago

How many times can a 360 owner get excited about details that you have to split screen, rather than say Killzone2 walking over every 360 game ever made, or Uncharted2, or Gran Turismo5, or Infamous, or.. every quality ps3 exclusive that runs visual circles around the 360? Wouldn't it be nice to just have a title that clearly out performs a ps3 game visually without a microscope? I know that day is never going to happen, but still.

The reason everyone is upset when m$ signs a check and "steals" a franchise is because we all know its going to get gimped from what it would have looked like (kz2/gt5/uncharted) and into a generic looking multiplatform game. Which is always the case. People are left to argue about a texture on a crate. When the entire picture is still inferior to PS3 games. The only thing this proves is that Namco went the way of least resistance, and used multiplatform code to push out Tekken6. Its not a graphical juggernaught anymore, I remember seeing pores on Kazuyas face. Now it looks like 5

XxSpiiKeZxX3876d ago

so 360 fanz get excited over hearing tekken 6 can run or even surpass the ps3 version. the question is, Does it look better than Kz2, uncharted, gt5, etc.???
just b/c 360 version runs better doesnt prove anything we all know the ps3 can do more... look at it as this if 360 and ps3 version are identical its automatically a given that u know the ps3 version couldve been better since it has a whole lot more space...rather than graphics everyone who knows that bluray>dvd can understand that developers couldve added more content
i dnt care if its the same identical crap on both consoles itz just that u cant claim just b/c of that the 360 is in teh same league when clearly itz not
almost every multiplat games runed/looked better on 360 but its the exclusive that packs the graphic king and also quality

50CALheadshot3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

multiplats are rentals at best for that very reason....exclusives are the crown jewels you cant let go of

to all the disagrees:

uncharted vs any 360 game
gt5prologue versus forza2
mgs4 versus any 360 game
infamous versus any 360 game

not too mention, nowadays there is a very high probability developers are making titles look equal on both consoles in order to not pissoff 1 fanbase.
of course intricate details like these get overlooked by your typical raging fanb0y

SaberEdge3876d ago

Anti-aliasing is extremely important. I hate jaggies and I can't wait until next generation when the anti-aliasing is much better. Texture resolution and detail is also extremely important.

That is part of the reason I tend to buy most of my multiplatform games for the 360. I was sick of seeing every PS3 multiplatform game I looked at having worse aliasing, lower texture resolution, missing effects, more screen tearing, slower frame rate, and fuzzier image quality than the 360 counterparts.

The fact is, the PS3 isn't as powerful as people make it out to be. One of the key IBM designers of both CPUs said, "At the end of the day, when you put them all together, depending on the software, I think they're pretty equal."

John Carmack has expressed that "...the only thing Sony has going for them over the 360, is the data storage on the blu-ray..."
He also said "Yeah, I mean that's our position that it's almost unequivocal across the board that the 360 is a better platform to develop for. On almost anything on the strictly graphical side, in terms of pushing vertexes and triangles on there, the 360 hardware is superior to the PS3's RSX on there."
"And the other major difference is the memory partitioning. Where they're both 512mb machines, but on the PS3 it's partitioned into 256mb of video and 256mb of main. And one of the biggest things that Sony does poorly for developers is their system stuff sucks up a lot more resources than it does, than Microsoft's does on the 360. So memory is much more painful on the PS3. We spend a lot more time trying to crunch down the memory for that..."

Jason Booth, a former developer with Harmonix, also says that the PS3 is not more powerful than the 360.
He says ""Fill rate is one of the primary ways to measure graphics performance - in essence, it's a number describing how many pixel operations you can perform. The fill rate on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, meaning that games either have to run at lower resolution or use simpler shader effects to achieve the same performance," "Additionally, the shader processing on the PS3 is significantly slower than on the 360, which means that a normal map takes more fill rate to draw on the PS3 than it does on the 360. And I'm not talking about small differences here, we're talking roughly half the pixel pushing power."

Real life engineers and software developers tell us either that the two consoles are close in performance capabilities or the 360 is actually a bit more powerful in general. Two and a half years of better performing multiplatform games on the 360 also hint at the same thing.

A few well-funded and overhyped exclusives does nothing to change that. Killzone 2 and Uncharted look exceptionally good, but not nearly as good as PS3 fanboys would lead you to believe. They are not really doing anything more technically impressive than games like Gears of War 2, Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed or Resident Evil 5. All of these games show their performance in different ways, but they are all more or less equal in technical terms.

YourCall3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Dude, you make some of the most rediculous and most flamatory comments I have ever read on this site. Do you make these bone head comments on purpose or are you just that ignorant.

Since you know everything, perhaps you know which console was the lead console? Was it the PS3 or was it the 360.

Here ya go smart-ass, let me help you out a little bit on that. “The game was programmed on PS3 architecture and specifically designed to make full use of the Cell’s SPU. So it’s going to be a big challenge to bring the game to the Xbox 360,” he told PSU (he being Tekken 6 Project Leader, Katsuhiro Harada.)

Why would you need to "gimp" the PS3 version if the PS3 was the lead console. Once again you blindly and ignorantly run your mouth and don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Do us all a favor and do less talking and more reading.

Edit: @saberedge (above)

Well written, bubbles up.

All-33876d ago

Seems like some people have forgotten this:

Tekken 6 was the first arcade game to be released using the PS3-based System 357 arcade board, and bearing in mind the developer’s 10 year history developing for PlayStation, Harada told us that Tekken 6 was specifically designed for Sony's latest home console.

“The game was programmed on PS3 architecture and specifically designed to make full use of the Cell’s SPU. So it’s going to be a big challenge to bring the game to the Xbox 360,” he told PSU.

BTW --> one isn't stealing, if one has paid for something.

rockleex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )


Because being exclusive doesn't automatically make a game look and play better.

If the developers don't have the talent and dedication, then they can't bring out the power of a console no matter if the game is multiplat or exclusive.

The only way to truly bring out the PS3's power is if developers create their own engine from the ground up to use the Cell processor to its fullest. To all our knowledge, no third party dev has created an engine from the ground up specifically for the PS3.

A great example is FFXIII. It was made "exclusively" for the PS3 using a multiplatform engine, the White Engine. Which was why it was possible to port to the 360 easily. Even Versus uses the same engine, so if they decided to lose exclusivity, they could easily port to the 360 at any time.

That being said, even if the engine is specifically built from the ground up for the PS3, if the developer doesn't have talent... then it still won't look and work great.

Added: Virtua Fighter 5 looks MUCH better graphically than Tekken 6. Both are multiplats. Once again, Tekken 6 would have been "gimped" no matter what console it was released on.

Those who know me know that I always support Playstation and Sony. But I won't go so far as to defend third parties who lack talent... they really have nothing to do with Sony anyways. O_o

Sarcasm3876d ago

@Saberedge, I'm not gonna bother reading your failed attempt at downplaying the PS3's hardware.


Becaues the software speaks for itself.

And it's spoken since Ratchet & Clank Future, MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Wipeout HD, GT5P, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

And now and soon Uncharted 2, GoWIII, GT5, Ratchet & Clank Future 2, etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, get over it. When a developer takes their time on the PS3, the games are amazing.

Name one single Xbox360 game. Just one. ONE! Uno! Ichi! Yat! That's in F'in English, spanish, japanese, and chinese! That runs something like WipeoutHD in 1920x1080 resolution. And don't give me the BS about it having the variations of 1920x1080 resolution to 1280x1080 resolution, because even at 1280x1080 resolution that's still higher than any 360 game can do that's not Boogie Bunnies.

And it's not just about resolution. Uncharted 1. Not 2! Drake is made of 22,000 polygons. And the pinnacle of 360 games? Gears of War. Fenix is made up of 15,000 polygons. Forza 2, each car is made up of about 80,000 polygons. In GT5P? Over 200,000 polygons as well as being in 1280x1080 resolution ANNNNNDDDD do it with 16 cars on screen vs 8 cars in Forza 2.

So enough with the "Oh, in reality both systems have the same power" crap. It's already a known FACT that the PS3 has the better hardware. It just takes more than an average PC developer to push it.


Jaces3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Just curious, but why do exclusives on the PS3 always look so much better and smoother than whats found in the multiplat games for the PS3?

Riddle me that.

I mean, I've yet to see a game on the 360 that has surpassed it's multiplats when it comes to graphical wow. The only one I can think of is Alan Wake...but even then that took 5 years to develop and unlike KZ2 they weren't making their own engine for the game to run on and even that's impressive seeing how they made that game in less time.

You fanboys can rave all you want, but when I see games like Uncharted, KZ2, GoWIII, and Heavy Rain....well your arguments are moot and childish at best when trying to compare multiplats.

el zorro3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Hey CaseyRyback, one or two exclusives that look a little better is nothing to brag about. I would rather play 90% of my games with a little better graphics than one or two exclusives with slightly better graphics. Killzone 2 was pretty boring anyway and looking a little bit better than some other shooter isn't going to make me really enjoy it that much more. Most ps3 games look worse anyway. I care about games like Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty 4, Dark Sector, Resident Evil 5, Overlord and a ton of other multi-platform games looking better than having just a couple ps3 exclusives looking better.

rockleex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Sorry, but Uncharted says otherwise. If you TRULY think PS3 exclusives and 360 exclusives are about equal... look again. This dude explains the differences, and shows it in pictures AND videos.



At the end of the day, PS3 exclusives beat out all other games. Sure, Killzone 2 had like 4 years of development, but that was because they were basically researching and testing differed rendering the whole time.

But Uncharted? Only about 2 years of development. Uncharted 2? Same.

Edit: PS3 will remain the most powerful until a 360 game can beat Uncharted 1 in terms of graphics. And once that's done, then they still gotta beat Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, GOW 3, Last Guardian, GT5, etc.

Disagreeing with the truth? Sorry if the Uncharted comparison makes Gears look like a PS2 game... the truth must hurt a LOT for 360 fanboys, right? ^_^

Lets only remember that ugly looking multiplats have AA on the 360 and not on PS3! It TRULY displays how weak the PS3 is! Uncharted what? No such game exists in our fanboy minds! >:D

XDF3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

So I guess you will be missing out on Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock 2, and Batman Arkum Asylum then. The last time I checked, they are multiplatform games that look and play ther same on both.

Uncharted vs anything on X360...LMFAO...OK, Whatever...I guess X360 owners should just quit and forget about their exclusives like Forza 3, Halo ODST, and Splinter Cell Conviction then.

How is Tekken 6 gimped??? I play it in the Arcade and it look worst than DOA4 and VF5.

SaberEdge3876d ago

@ Sarcasm

The point is, a couple of exclusives that arguably look a little better than the best 360 games is not enough to ignore what actual engineers and developers are telling us. It also isn't enough to just ignore the fact that over 90% of multiplatform games look and/or perform better on the 360. If the PS3 really were more powerful than the 360, that should not be happening, period.

The other problem is you guys list a bunch of games that nobody, but you, think are really all that amazing graphically. You mention Ratchet & Clank Future, MGS4, Wipeout HD and GT5P, and in my opinion as an owner of both consoles none of those games are doing anything that the 360 hasn't done. Ratchet & Clank Future and Wipeout HD are nice looking games, but there are dozens of games that look just as good on the 360. MGS4 is impressive, but due to its sub-HD resolution and average texture quality I don't think it even looks as good as games like Gears of War. GT5P again is a nice looking game, but Forza 3 now beats it in my opinion. Will GT5 look even better? Who knows, but that is how it stands now.

That's the problem here, PS3 fanboys tend to see every PS3 exclusive as something graphically cutting edge even when its not. Infamous is a fun game I am playing through right now, but you have to be fooling yourself if you think the 360 couldn't run it just fine. In fact, the graphics are not really all that impressive. But it is a fun game and that is what counts the most.

Think about it, when Killzone 2 came out there were maybe a couple reviewers that said it was the best-looking shooter or best-looking game on consoles (just as there were when Gears 2 came out), but the vast majority of reviewers said no such thing. That is because most people don't see it as some huge graphical powerhouse that beats all other games like the PS3 fans do, they see it as more or less an equal to some of the other graphical heavy hitters like Gears of War 2 or Resident Evil 5.

I'm sorry, but I am going to trust my own eyes and what talented developers like John Carmack say about the issue more than the rantings and ravings of fanboys on the internet.

rockleex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I guess you did not click the two links I provided. We are not talking about little extra pixels here and there, like 360 fans do when they're comparing multiplats.

If you check the links, there's a MAJOR graphical leap between what Uncharted 1 does compared to what Gears 2 does.


No, we're not telling you guys to forget about great 360 exclusives. The point is, 360 fans hail multiplat games as if they're the definitive answer to which system is more graphically powerful.

We're just telling them those multiplats just can't compare against exclusives on the 360 or PS3. And if you're talking about exclusives, then PS3 ultimately has the best looking exclusives so far.

If 360 fans can see the difference between PS3 and 360 versions of multiplats... just imagine the difference they'll see when they click on the links I provided. Unless of course, their vision suddenly can't detect differences anymore after clicking that link. ^_^

50CALheadshot3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"So I guess you will be missing out on Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock 2, and Batman Arkum Asylum then. The last time I checked, they are multiplatform games that look and play ther same on both."

seems your reading comprehension FAILS you. miserably at that. let me rewind be4 your head implodes: "multiplats are rentals at best for that very reason", is what i stated.

meaning: ill rent the multiplat or borrow it from a friend, have it for a week and then return it. Same exact thing i have done with ALL multiplats this gen. the only thing i keep after im done with multiplats, is the trophies. because, as soon as im done with it i return it and erase its save data. why should i give slacker devs my money? id rather give it to devs who are optimizing their game engine from the ground up to cater to the ps3.

makes sense to u? good

and btw, i dont expect you to come up with a smart or logical rebuttal...since there isnt one, in your case.

@ 2.13: since you are "playing" infamous, i am going to have to say your comments hold no truth to them and are just tailored to elaborate your bias without any facts.

infamous streams 95% of the time. meaning there is probably 5-8% loading times throughout the whole game.

create havoc and blow up alot of s#it and infamous WILL NOT LAG. GTA4 will lag. gfx ,audio, lighting and physics in infamous pwns gta4 and crackdown.

uncharted 1 > all 360 games. everyone knows this, except you and a couple of other people here.



XDF3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Ok, since when does better looking exclusives = A better game. GTA 3 on PS3 look like crap and it was hailed as one of the best game on that era. Better exclusives are subjected anyways. You are telling me AAA franchises like Halo, Gears, L4D, Mass Effect, Fable, Splinter Cell, and Forza can't compete with the likes of GT5, GOW, and Uncharted because they look a little bit worst? GTFOH

Also @ the idiot above, so go rent Modern Warfare 2 for a week then while other PS3 fans will have fun playing it on PSN for months and months to come unlike...hmmm KZ2..Cough. Is anyone still playing that game online now since the MW2 trailer?

50CALheadshot3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

you cant upkeep a sensible and mature debate.

You find yourself in a hole and resort to calling me an idiot.
thats fine, there is a reason why xbox live is known as a online cesspool of immature gamers. Thanx for further proving that point

rockleex3876d ago

I'm sorry, but please tell me where I ever said better graphics equals a better game?

In fact, I was planning on mentioning that graphics don't mean a better game. But seeing how long my rants were getting, I ended up focusing only on graphics comparisons. As you can see, I'm a Playstation supporter. I'm used to playing graphically inferior games on the PS2, and they were some of the best games ever created.

That being said, Uncharted is one of the best games in terms of graphics AND gameplay this generation. Its possible to have best of both worlds. Of course, 360 has great games with great graphics too.

But if you're speaking strictly about graphics and debating which system can offer the best graphics, then the PS3 has the upper hand so far.

XDF3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Yea so you the mature one and calling me xboxdefenseforce. Yea nice one. This XDF just so happen to have a PS3 and a Kratos Avatar on his profile pic.

Also @ Rockleex, you said "I'm sorry, but please tell me where I ever said better graphics equals a better game?" You didn't say that but you did mention

"Disagreeing with the truth? Sorry if the Uncharted comparison makes Gears look like a PS2 game... the truth must hurt a LOT for 360 fanboys, right? ^_^"

Like I said before, It is all graphics non-sense 24/7 on N4g from PS3 fanboys. And don't tell me neither one of you are Sony Worshipper.

rockleex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

And don't tell me neither one of you are Sony Worshipper."

PS3 fanboys talking graphics nonsense 24/7?

So its not nonsense when 360 fanboys gloat 24/7 over the fact that they have anti-aliasing in a graphically mediocre multiplat game, as if that makes the PS3 inferior?

All I've said was that if we're talking about graphics, PS3 exclusives are yet to be trumped by 360 exclusives OR multiplats. No one here has stepped up to the challenge to prove me wrong. They just keep avoiding the question. Now I'm the one talking nonsense?

I have already said that I'm a supporter of Sony and what they're doing for the video game industry. But I'm no fanboy.

I'm able to accept my console of choice's shortcomings... unfortunately, graphics isn't one of those shortcomings this generation for the PS3.

Why the hell are we talking about gameplay in an article about the graphics of Tekken 6? Come on, I would have assumed some of you are smart enough to figure we're STRICTLY talking about graphics here.

Jaces3876d ago

There's no point in trying to persuade fanboys, don't waste your breath.

creatchee3875d ago

Dude - in all honesty, inFamous plays very well, except it got a bit jumpy during the prison shootout when all the enemies rushed in a that [email protected]$$ conduit walkers were running amuck. Not complaining, as it was an awesome setpiece, but the games DOES lag in certain spots...

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GaryofGamingVice3876d ago

I agree with you Crab, neither version should be gimped at all.

GaryofGamingVice3876d ago

Actually that's false, when this game was first announced, pores on Kazuya's face was all in CG. Even when the original Tekken 6 came out in arcades it looked the same way it does now.

I'd normally agree with you about 360 versions causing gimping of multi-platforms but this isn't the case with Tekken.

360 man3876d ago

wow ps3 ownage right thurr

not only can 360 match the ps3 version but it also surpasses it

caladbolg7773876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

This isn't exactly the case. Being a multi-platform title, it isn't in the developer's interest to have one version look better than the other. If both look and play nearly identical, then from a developer's standpoint it's for the better.

Had T6 remained PS3 exclusive, it could have very well looked better than it does now, especially considering that development time and manpower wouldn't be cut in half.

On a more personal note, why is it that you troll, 360 man? Is it a pleasurable experience for you to act like a moron in front of your gaming peers? Also, why all the "fanboy" hate? Why the negativity? Up until recently, "fanboy" has always been an endearing term used between nerds, gamers and geeks. Now, especially this generation, it's come to mean something else entirely. I just don't quite understand you people.

-MD-3876d ago

Why don't you ask the hundreds of PS3 fanboys that troll these threads? I see you calling out 360 fans but never talking to the PS3 people.

Very odd.

rockleex3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I'd call it Namco self-ownage.

Why? Tekken 6 can't even hold a candle to Street Fighter 4 nor Virtua Fighter 5 graphically!

Once again, it doesn't matter if a game is exclusive/multiplat. If we're talking about graphics, then what matters is how much power a developer can bring out of a console.

If a developer can bring out the true power of a console, then it would now be a question of which console has the most power.

But seeing as how Tekken 6 can barely stand up to half of this gen's games graphically, I don't see what fanboys on both sides are yapping on about.

At least choose more worthy games like Assassin's Creed 2 or something. But even then, it'd get destroyed by Uncharted 2.

So tell me, why are fanboys going on arguing about pointless stuff that BOTH sides ALREADY know? -_-"

Edit: Why disagree? Yea, lets all argue over which system has the best looking Pacman game!!! Wait, how about Tetris?

Until you can show me a multiplatform game that looks better than Uncharted 1, then there's just no point to debate over multiplatform graphics as if its supposed to display each system's full potential.

Unless you really believe multiplats display each system's full potential? If so, then there's just no hope for you. -_-"

caladbolg7773876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"Why don't you ask the hundreds of PS3 fanboys that troll these threads?"

I call it when I see it. I saw it today, and so I called it out. The times that I don't call it out, I de-bubble people. It's not a tit-for-tat sort of thing. I don't have a problem with "fanboys". I have a problem with trolls and 360 man is a blatant and obvious troll. There's one thing to revel in the strengths of your chosen system, but it's entirely another to waltz in to a thread with the sole intention of acting like a [email protected] and causing a fight. That's what the open zone is for.

-MD-3876d ago

Much like 99% of the readers on this site do? I find it hard to believe you go into threads and de-bubble every PS3 fanboy declaring victory this generation considering there are hundreds of them swarming around.

I see like 50 PS3 fanboys posts above his yet you didn't call them out.

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Peekay3876d ago

This is just lame. I've never seen so many 360 media fan boys out in force at E3. First Microsoft takes E3, then Natal is the second coming of christ and now this. This is the only no bit site that claims this without any factual evidence. I knew the 360 had crap games (my own opinion) but please media fanboys don't take it out on the Ps3.

GaryofGamingVice3876d ago

In what way is this post taking anything away from the PS3? Games wise the Playstation 3 has more titles that I want to buy this year inFamous and Uncharted 2 to name a few.

I was at E3 my friend and everyone who played the 360 version of Tekken 6 there said the same thing. The 360 version doesn't have the jagged edges that the Playstation 3 version has. I saw this for myself as all 3 days of E3 I played numerous games of T6 on both versions.

Perhaps you're the one who needs to check their facts.