Deconstructing BioShock 2 (Preview from Games Are Evil)

Games Are Evil writes :

"Rapture is an enticing place for gamers: Its an underwater Art Deco city knee-deep in psychopaths looking for original ways to die. The question that comes to mind today as multiplayer screens were revealed is whether fans of the original care enough for what many are considering a disastrous return to Rapture. Forums across the net are piping hot with predictions of failure on behalf of 2k Marin. Considering that the that the original game's auteur Ken Levine isn't involved at all in the sequel, one would imagine that the insurmountable pressure on the developers at 2k Marin is rather daunting."

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Neco5123475d ago

Can't wait to play Bioshock two!

CrAppleton3475d ago

I still need to play through the first one.. I'm only about half way through

supercharger51503474d ago

I loved Bioshock. It was kind of like traveling back in time. They did a great job with the art and music to create an atmosphere. So I'm hoping they keep it up with 2 and can't wait to see how the story twists in this one.

supercharger51503474d ago

Somewhat related- I saw on a crafting blog someone made a real life replica of that big daddy doll. Sorta creepy but took some serious talent.

Spolodaface3474d ago

Bioshock doesn't need a sequel. Leave it as it is - a perfectly rounded narrative with no need for parenthesis, really.