IGN E3 2009: MAG Hands-on

IGN writes: " Massive Action Game, affectionately referred to as 'MAG', is Sony's big multiplayer console shooter for 2009, coming from Zipper Interactive – creators of SOCOM: US Navy SEALs. At this year's E3, the game was given a spectacular big-screen showcase during Sony's press event, wooing the audience with a real-time match featuring 256 players waging war simultaneously. It was dazzling stuff for a console shooter."

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Nikuma3423d ago

256 player matches on huge maps...mmmm heaven.

ReaperXL73423d ago

As I said in the Kotaku story, I trust IGN much more than I do Kotaku, and the guys over at IGN seem to actually like it.

I'm guessing it will probably get somewhere between 8-8.5 from most places, more likely somewhere in the middle.

thebudgetgamer3423d ago

i love the fact that on ps3 64 players is small scale.


360DownINflames3423d ago

And it was done. On the Ps MFing 3... YummY OoOoOoOoO

Montreafart3423d ago

Kotaku = motherfking xbots.

MAG is awesome. A technical MARVEL. But bots still have to hate on it. Because their console cant even do 30 vs 30