Wolverine Downloadable Content Released

Activision has announced that new content for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is now downloadable for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The new content contains the Weapon X Arena which is a level composed of four unique combat simulators.

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Dorjan4158d ago

Now I didn't expect extended content for a film game!

Eiffel4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Technically the game was in development before the movie so its really the other way around.

Movie based- on game.

Buttons4158d ago

The game might have been in development first but Wolverine is loosely based on the comics anyways.

Maticus4158d ago

Great game, good to see more content for it!

Leord4158d ago

Hehe, "Weapon X", classic :)

Medievaldragon4158d ago

Nice. Hope there are more downloadable stuff often.

Mr_Controversy4158d ago

DLC that costs money = Fail.

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