Excited For Insomniac's Wolverine? X-Men: Origins Wolverine Still Holds Up

TG: “It'll be a while before we can play Wolverine, but this should make the wait more bearable.”

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RaidenBlack85d ago

Raven Software ... oh, Activision what have you done to them ...

FallenAngel198485d ago

They turned them into a Call of Duty company…

RaidenBlack85d ago

Raven Software actually operated much like a fan developer to id software. Using id's engines and employing their own fantasy ideas to create a nice roster of games. Wish Bethesda acquired them along with id instead of letting them rot at Activision.

VersusDMC85d ago

It's too bad that it had to be based on the movie and not on the comics...probably turned people away.

That lunge attack is what i remember most about that game. So sick.

darthv7285d ago

Id imagine Insomniac may have that as one of the moves in their game.

Amplitude85d ago

Yeah a movie tie-in game for arguably the worst X-Men movie. Loved the game though ❤

Rimeskeem85d ago

I would love it if the new one was M and had gore and such. Or at least have a setting where you can turn on restricted content and one where it isn't like CoD.

Army_of_Darkness85d ago

An M rated wolverine game from insomniac would be a guaranteed awesomeness!

Muigi85d ago

Disney won’t let that happen.

akurtz85d ago

Hopefully it was part of the pitch that got the green light along with development.

Einhander197185d ago

Still have this game for my ps3, certainly underrated. A bit rough in places though.

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