14 Lair Screenshots

14 screenshots showing off some battle vistas, a few previous battle scenes and a number of enemies

**old pictures, possibly higher resolution**

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techie4269d ago

I apologise to G...these screenshots aren't new...but they are in 1080p so I suppose that makes them new...others decide... every website has just been given these saying they are new, but we say them last month, but not as high-res. New? You decide.

Bill Nye4269d ago

They're old and they're not in 1080p. They're in 720p just like the ones already posted.

Raist4269d ago

Those are like 4 months old XD

MikeGdaGod4269d ago

i added these exact same screens yesterday and they were reported.

oh well

techie4269d ago

i reported them. I don't know why all the sites are putting them up...they have just been released, but we have seen them before...they are just 1080p. Maybe that should be made clear in the headline.

vidoardes4269d ago

I added them two days agoa nd got reported 5 times... how'd this one make it through?

THAMMER14269d ago

I wonder if this game will see good sales numbers? What do you think?

fenderputty4269d ago

It seems like a lot of PS3 people are excited about it. Plus ... there isn't tooo much else out there. I'm curious what kind of ratings this game will get. In all honesty, I'm pretty excited. I like the whole dragon/burning soldier flesh thing.

Maddens Raiders4269d ago

old and still look damn good. Look at that water. Sweet. Must buy just for the aerial flight + visuals alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.