Last Guardian and "Project Trico" trailers compared side-by-side

This video combines the original footage of "Project Trico" and the final E3 2009 trailer for The Last Guardian

See how far The Last Guardian has come since the original footage seen in the recent leak of the "Project Trico" trailer. Side-by-side comparison of Project Trico and The Last Guardian trailer seen at E3 2009.


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Forgot to mention, the original Project Trico footage is always the one with the PlayStation Lifestyle watermark.

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Pennywise3423d ago

How gamesblow says Sev owes us an apology for this trailor because it was absurd.

I think Gamesblow owes Sev a public apology right here in this comparison thread.

Candlestickmaker3423d ago

Colours more muted, lighter skinned kid, more feathers, and a cloudier sky. They added some foreboding cliffs to the horizon, also.

popup3423d ago

The only trouble is if none of us had seen the Sev trailer then this may well have blown the roof off E3.

Too many leaks this year for Sony? No doubt the conspiracy theories will start as to how, who and why but Mr. Tretton certainly seemed let down by it.

You have to hand it to Microsoft, they must threaten to kill people who tell tales to keep things that buttoned up don't you think?

Foliage3423d ago

Except for how Halo:Reach was leaked by Bungie, and how Ubisoft leaked (probably on purpose) that Splinter Cell trailer/teaser.

Except for Nintendo (because no one cared), there were leaks everywhere this year. Sony killed E3, without these big leaks they faced it would have been a slaughter.

Foliage3423d ago

Incredible game, I will buy this day one without a doubt. Now you know why Guillermo del Toro, a master of storytelling, is nuts about this franchise. Nothing touches this game.