Hawk: Natal "not accurate enough"

Tony Hawk doesn't think too much of the new Xbox 360 motion-sensing camera and will happily stick to his plastic skateboard thank you very much.

"We actually tried to get [Tony Hawk: Ride] running with a camera, but it wasn't accurate enough, plus you can't really do ollies, grabs and flips when you're just standing on nothing."

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green3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I think it was quite stupid of Microsoft to premier Tony Hawk ride at their conference.I mean there is Tony Hawk showcasing his new peripheral which he said he designed then less than an hour later, Microsoft shows a skate boarding game where a boy holding a skateboard scans it using Natal and then flings the board away because it is not needed.If i wear Tony Hawk i would be Pissssed.

EDIT: AT Vasilik

Natal and Sony's motion controller are still undergoing development and are still over a year away.There is no reason to believe that the response time for both wont be better than something like the wii motion plus when they are released.

vasilisk3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well he's right, just check Natal's videos. There's almost a second delay to everything you do. We all know you can't play a game that way...

Well I didn't see any delay during Sony's presentation and I found it more responsive and accurate than the Wii MotionPlus. On the other hand I can't say the same thing about Natal. Maybe they can fix it, maybe they can't.

GWAVE3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well, let's be fair. Tony Hawk is going to make money selling his peripheral skateboard in his new game. So, it's in his best interest to downplay something that eliminates any need for a peripheral (supposedly)

Now, please don't misunderstand me. I don't think that Natal is the best thing ever made (it's a cool concept), but all I'm saying is that we should take Mr. Hawk's statements with a grain of salt, since he MAY have ulterior motives.

green3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Don't worry your statement will never be mistaken for anything else.

@ blaze 929: lol so TRUE.

Blaze9293426d ago

"Don't mind that awesome camera, buy my hella expensive skateboard peripheral!"

Perjoss3426d ago

from what we have been shown, in my opinion the Sony motion stuff is hands down more impressive, it looked like real 1:1 movement and we could see many times during the demo how it could be applied to various game genres in an accurate and fun way. All we need now is for developers to actually take it in a develop for it. Both the MS and Sony cameras have been kinda negleted, thats the main problem with cool add-ons that come way after a consoles launch.

badz1493426d ago

I think you might have missed something here. the Natal camera will also be quite pricey, I think! I honestly don't think m$ will sell it for $99. so...both will be hella expensive imo

AAACE53426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Ok Tony I get it! If Natal is a good product, it makes your (probably overpriced) board look pointless! Even though, during the Natal video, they showed a kid riding a skateboard. Whatever you say man!

Anyone who says that the Sony motion controls seem better than the 360 controls needs to take off their fanboy hat, and watch all the different stuff you can do!

Sony showed different objects in your hand moving precicely, which is incredible, especially considering the fact that Nintendo are about to make people buy the Wii motion plus. Nintendo is still stuck in the past by making us buy all these extra accessories.

MS showed gameplay with the girl hitting the balls. Showed controlling netflix with your hand and voice, showed a creepy little kid you can interact with, showed some kind of video chat, and several other things.

Seriously, Natal is far ahead of Nintendo and Sony right now! It may not be as precise as the Sony controller, but I am shocked by what they showed. I thought they were going to show some pointless crap that no one would have wanted. But as it stands now... I am buying one!

Rainstorm813426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"you ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like?
Bam! There it is. (avatars leg goes crazy)" Kudo Tsunoda - demoing NATAL

even the breakout demo it just came down to the girl just waving her arms and skill

Natal and PS motion both have potential, but PS's offering has 1:1 accuracy cant beat that for gaming. (not casual gaming)

yea very accurate / sarc

PS - for those who doubt sonys camera go watch the EyePet trailer.

I did not murder him3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

You guys are crazy.

"There's almost a second delay to everything"

"Sony motion stuff is hands down more impressive"

"Better improve because the PS3s motion sensor looked amazing and much better than the current Natal"

It's no wonder people didn't even bother reading this except for PS3 fanboys.

Rainstorm813426d ago

the story is about a motion camera's accuracy by the guy MS had to present his game during their E3 Press Conf.

Sony fans comment because the rushed tech demos by sony were the most accurate motion controller seen to date.

Dont blame sony fans, blame Tony Hawk for stating the obvious.

Just because you own system X, dosent mean you cant enjoy or comment on system Y. But you know that, thats why you troll PS3 news just like the PS3 fanboys troll 360 news.

You have become the very thing you hate. Now your mind is Lost

I did not murder him3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Cry me a river no one in their right mind would say such a thing. The on the floor hands-on experiences the media is getting tells me only PS3 fanboys see these things wrong with it. Natal is the talk of the show man, games come second and defacto motion controllers come 3rd.

Rainstorm813426d ago

Really? i thought it was about the Games. Thats what motion controllers are for Games. E3 for Games. Consoles for Games. the entire industry is about the Games. If games come 2nd in the GAMING industry then something is drastically wrong.

"Natal is the talk of the show man, games come second and defacto motion controllers come 3rd. "

um you do know NATAL is a defacto motion camera so it falls in 3rd with the rest of the Motion gadgets.

best of the show : Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, GOW3, Uncharted 2

Motion gadgets with "potential" thats still a year off comes last.

Since to you games come 2nd at the biggest gaming show of the year its clear that you are only into games for the "Console fanboy War" because you are a fanboy yourself

(but i might as well be talking to a brick wall)

UnwanteDreamz3426d ago

Once again the Natal fanboys are pretendidng that all the stuff in the comercial was done live. I was impressed with their advertisement but the actual live demo was not impressive.

cherrypie3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

There was no delay at all -- did you not see the super-imposed avatars? they were repsonding 1:1.

It would be **REALLY** great if Eurogamer was more clear about what Hawk is saying here.

"We actually tried to get [Tony Hawk: Ride] **RUNNING WITH A CAMERA** but it wasn't accurate enough," Hawk told MTV Multiplayer. "Plus you can't really do ollies, grabs and flips when you're just standing on nothing."

But at the launch of Natal, they said they havent shipped the SDKs yet. So how -- EXACTLY -- Eurogamer, did the RIDE devs "try to get it running with natal"?

Using the Xbox LIVE Vision or similar (eyetoy), no, it wouldnt work. But NATAL is a 3D camera, something very different than the Camera RIDE devs would have access to.

SO, until their is clarification, I'd like to suggest that perhaps Eurogamer is intentionally being unclear here.

Hawk **ISNT** talking about NATAL. Do you think that Hawk **REALL** knows the difference between Natal and the "camera" they tried to get it to work with? MS just bought 3DV a few months ago, they certainly didnt show it to Hawk/Ride people.

Further, to those saying "OMG, PS3mote is better than Wiimoteplus". Get real. They are identical in every way.

PS3Mote (gyro, accelerometers, light source) + eyetoy (cam tracking).
WiiMote+ (gyro, accelerometers, Camera) + Lightbar (light source).

They are **THE SAME EXACT THING**. Dont pretend otherwise (or, if you're on N4G, you can go ahead and do this, and I'm sure no one will be honest or informed enough to point out the stupidity of what you're saying).

Wiimote+ == PS3Mote < Natal.

Megatron083426d ago

I agree with the TC. Personally I think "ride" seems like be more fun to play from what was shown. Natal is very impressive tech and "Milo" was amazing but I just dont see it being something I want to use to play games with. There a reason I dont own a wii after all.

whoelse3426d ago

Natal looks good but it have a lot of limits in what can be achieved in games. How can you play a FPS, or play a sports game like football (soccer) apart from the penalties.

The Sony controller has limitations too but not so many in my opinion.

mfwahwah3426d ago


Tony Hawk could lose money with his game and he'd still be 100,000 times richer than any of us. I don't think he cares that much to sabotage Natal :/

Rob0g0rilla3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

That's pretty messed up.

I really don't think motion controls are as good as a controller. Cooler? Yes. But it'll never be as responsive as using a controller. I doubt they'll ever manage to make motion controls as responsive and effective as pressing a button. I think people will buy into both Sony's and Microsoft's motion tech but they'll always go back to using a controller.

thewhoopimen3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

In order for motion control to be adopted as the defacto standard for gaming, it needs to be as versatile and easy to use as a controller and more importantly respond as quickly as what's happening onscreen for the gamer.

For this reason, I place Sony's tech at a higher level of polish and promise than either the Wii or 360's implementation, though I'm still highly doubtful whether motion control will supplant existing tradition.

I mean look at it this way. All the negative (360 only) trolls complain about how there's a slight millisecond delay between action and reaction in Killzone 2 and how much it kills gameplay, is suckage, blah blah. Well now their lauding a NATAL motion control system that takes 1/2-3/4 second to react. Who's being the hypocrite and still can't see it? The 2 complaints are very much interrelated. No gamer can stand a millisecond delay let alone a 1/2 second one.

When you look at it in that light, Natal is an order behind either the wii or sony implementation. Isn't that the honest truth?

1:1 is the holy grail of motion control this generation. Not a non-controller system with delayed feedback. Let's get reaction time right before we start going all fancy. To me MS's concept is like trying to fly before learning how to flap efficiently. All flash little substance.

Developers are still stupid about wand movements, where are they going to start with no prop?

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shazui1233426d ago

I guess since the games exclusive, and Hawks unbiased, its true, specially since it looked so at E3. Better improve because the PS3s motion sensor looked amazing and much better than the current Natal. Lots of possibilities there, not so much into "cleaning windows" again, or kung fu

khsmooth3426d ago

Forrest Gump - 1 day 18 hours ago


- My rating of the conference
The good:No charts,Crackdown 2,Halo ODST footage,Alan Wake(finally),footage of MW2,and MGS coming to Xbox 360.

The bad:Natal being yet another desperate attempt from Microsoft to cash in on the Wii,no Killer Instinct 3,no Rare,no Mass Effect 2,Beatles thing was too long.Oh,and Cliffy Bs T-shirt was Xtra Smedium.

The unnecessary:Natal,InstantOn with its whopping 8 movies,taking shots at the Wiimote,Facebook/Twitter on the 360,and Left4Dead2 showing this soon.

Overall:B-,good job but there was nothing shown that makes me want to go out and buy a 360.
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...."Natal being yet another desperate attempt from Microsoft to cash in on the Wii" the PS3 motion controller in the same desperate microsoft boat??? Or is the PS3 Motion controller a Wii Plus Plus and is far more different then what the Wii is doing?? With all of that said, I hate the fact that both Microsoft and Sony wants a part of the Wii's magic. And Sony can say that they had a motion control before Microsoft but is a new controller a way of saying they half-a??ed the sixaxis? No. It's there way of saying we have a remote control thingy like the wii, much like MS is saying we can make you jump around and look foolish as well. I digress. Like when the wii was announced I was the first one excited about the possibilites that it could do for gaming, but when I found out about the hardware limitations I was instantly dissappointed. Now with MS and Sony going full force into the Motion sensing ring we should be happy that both boxes are able to handle intense physic based caculations that makes indepth games stand out. Let's all take a breather for awhile because both companies showed tech demos on stage and MS showed burnout running behind closed doors. Sony's is so early that they was using an engineering designed device. All of this is to say that both companies have shown a real knack for technical achievements and I look forward to seeing how a developer can make both of these devices shine. Lets look forward to something truly amazing and pray that no shovelware is on the horizion.

KingME3426d ago

I keep hearing people talking about a one second delay while using Natal. Sorry guys, no matter how many time I look at the video I just don't see the one second delay. I think the technology looks pretty good, not to mention the technology is still in development stages.

As for Tony hawk, unless I missed something, he said "We actually tried to get [Tony Hawk: Ride] running with a camera, but it wasn't accurate enough," but did he actually say NATAL? I didn't think so, therefore the title to this article is Bullsh!t. You know what they about people that "assume" it just makes an "A$$" of "U" and "ME".

It's amazing how people speculate so quickly and will type anything for a website hit.

timmyrulz3426d ago

"Better improve because the PS3s motion sensor looked amazing and much better than the current Natal"

Cheers i have just spat coffee all over my keyboard

Pennywise3426d ago

Why because someone isnt fooled by the glitz & glamor and calls a duck a duck? I commend someone brave enough to say it like it is. 1:1 or its a loser.

cherrypie3426d ago


PS3Mote (gyro, accelerometers, light source) + eyetoy (cam tracking).
WiiMote+ (gyro, accelerometers, Camera) + Lightbar (light source).

no difference.

However, Natal is *full body motion*. And it was one to one. Watch the live Ricchochet demo. Watch the girl move, and her body super-imposed. Their is no delay (give it a rest fanboys). And it is 1:1.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3426d ago

Xtards are hypocrites, they bashed the Wii to oblivion because it was not accurate, it was a waggle fest, had few buttons, etc. And now that Xbox 360 is getting Natal, it's the greatest invention ever.

I certainly agree that the new webcam is advanced. However, Microsoft should have mixed that with its classic controller, like Sony is doing. But anyway, both Sony and Microsoft have enough time to 1up each other for next-gen, because this gen, these add-ons won't matter that much as they will the next.

Montreafart3426d ago

Designed for casual gimmicky shiatty games like "Draw the elephant" or "Youre in the movies".

For real games, it lacks the precision, accuracy and control.

WORSE: its added with voice recognition, face recognition and all that high tech stuff to make it appear as if its "high tech".

In reality, all that crap is useless and only buffs up the retail price of that gimmick.

200 bucks for that crap? = XBots = owned

badkolo3426d ago

as much as i loved natal he is right, it was 100% responsive, there was a delay, now if thats due to beta and bugs then fine, meaning if they fix that and any other issues then natal blows everything away, but if they dont fix it then it wont fair well.

brianodom3426d ago

you're talking about a company who has to work on their console every 6-12 months to fix some new cause to the rrod...this could take decades to sort out