Final Fantasy XIII doesn't support 1080p on PS3

A keen-eyed journo at E3 spots something during the PS3 demo of Final Fantasy XIII that adds more fuel to the debate of whether FFXIII supports 1080p.

"For a while now, 1080p has been a topic of great internet debate as it relates to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. In fact, one doesn't have to look for too long or too far on a simple Google search to realise that there is still division as to whether FFXIII supports 1080p. The debate ranges to everything from the usual non-specific 'hell yes' or 'hell no' responses, right through to in-depth technical jargon as to whether it is indeed presented in 1080p native (believed to be the best HD quality) or whether it's merely presented in upscaled 720p format (ala Metal Gear Solid 4)."

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WildArmed3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

i thought they said the VIDEOS would be in 1080p.. not the gameplay (720p)

GWAVE3428d ago

Can't this question be easily answered by just looking at the FF13 game demo that's already running on the PS3 (from the Advent Children blu-ray)?

NachosWithCheese3428d ago

Agreed dude, but if you have a look at the Google search on the article there's still division over whether it's native 1080p or upscaled.

Kleptic3428d ago

the translated interview for the demo released with advent children said the game was 'rendered at roughly 720p, and upscaled to 1080p by the PS3...while pre rendered video is presented at full 1080p HD'...that is paraphrased, i'll try to find the link...but it makes the most sense anyway...

either way...FFXIII for the PS3 will definitely then be scaled to they won't have it so that your set has to reset from 720p to 1080p for every cut scene (which can take several seconds on some televisions)...whatever is coming out of the PS3 for that game will most likely be 1080p...its just the gameplay is most likely rendered somewhere south of that...

RememberThe3573428d ago

Thanks for the explanation.

But I can't help but wonder what the point of this article was? I'm pretty sure it was speculating about speculation, which gets us nowhere.

TheExecutive3428d ago

It will be native 720p (hopefully). There will be no native 1080p for any freaking console.

If it is 1080p on the 360 it is because it is upscaled. Personally, I try to avoid upscaling it has a tendency to distort the picture. Playing in the native resolution should always be preferred if possible.

orakga3428d ago

... somewhat agreed.

But do not forget that the next Katamari Tamashi is already set for 1080p release. Also Wipeout HD already runs in 1080p (with occasional horizontal upscaling, but still full 1080p for the most part). I'd also list those games from 2007 that were 1080p, but they're sort of weak so I'll let them slide. ;)

Gamertags3428d ago

This does stink. With that in mind, I will wait to buy the game until it is released on both systems. We know the 360 version will at least upscale it beautifully as the 360 has an incredible scaling chip.

Let the best console win!

el zorro3428d ago

That is one thing I like better about the 360, it upscales games very well to 1080P. Many PS3 games don't scale or they scale very poorly, which reduces the quality of the image.

SL1M DADDY3428d ago

Will the game still look and play awesome no matter what resolution it is in?

AAACE53427d ago

It still looks like it did when it was first announced and had gamers in awe! So to me it doesn't matter if it is 1080p or 720p because it is what it was suppose to be from the start!

Truthfully, the more I see this game, the more I like it! The music they play during battles reminds me of the music in older games that used to make me play games for longer periods of time. Japanese videogame music is what made alot of us like videogames in the first place, because it sounds different than what we normally hear.

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jack_burt0n3428d ago

it looked alot better today than all the previous showings.

and demo build.

Immortal Kaim3428d ago

That didn't tell us anything...

GiantEnemyCrab3428d ago

Exactly! Where is the hard evidence because I'm not seeing it here.

Makidian3428d ago

Gameplayer is staffed by ignorant a$$hats. THe cuts in the game are 1080p, and the gameplay renders 720p. I have the demo and that's what it is, any idiot could have googled that or popped in a demo and figured that one out. Gameplayer = fail, again

jkoz3428d ago

Why did this even get approved? N4G ftw.... -_-

Namikaze_Minato3428d ago

Man, the new trailer was amazing. I don't care with the resolution, the game is looking gorgeous!

patterson3428d ago

I feel the same way. Whether 1080p or 720p who cares! The game looks stunning.

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