NFS: SHIFT Details And Screens

EA has released full details about its upcoming racer, Need For Speed: SHIFT. The game will feature 18 authentic race tracks and over 65 pixel-perfect cars including the one-of-a-kind BMW M3 GT2 that will grace the cover. There are also 4 shots on the M3 to chck out.

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sinncross4398d ago

Only 18 tracks?
And Over 65 cars doesn't allude to a lot of content.

Still this is a great step forward for the NFS series, I'll be keeping my eye on this.

Uncle Rico4398d ago

Well it's not like it's a Gran Turismo type level of game, so I am satisfied with what they are offering. I think what they did here is make what Need For Speed should have been about. Considering the number of very positive previews, this is shaping up to be quite a racer.

GamerMan4398d ago

I will stick with GT5: Prologue and wait til GT5. If and when NFS gets back to the most wanted formula and truly fleshes it out I will pick up another NFS at that time.

Uncle Rico4398d ago

But NFS could never compare to GT so I don;t know why people were expecting it to in the first place. The devs themselves states that they were not trying to outdo GT5 and GT5P.

GamerMan4398d ago

I'm not comparing NFS to GT and never would just saying as a track based racing style I will stick with GT5 is all, I understand NFS as an arcade racer and have mulitple versions but since Pro Street they have fallen off the ability to give me a fun arcade racer which Most Wanted was to me one of there best to give me a challenge and have fun at the same time.

soxfan20054398d ago (Edited 4398d ago )

18 tracks and 65 cars is quite a bit smaller than the 35 tracks and 300+ cars I'm used to on Forza 2, not to mention the promise of 100 tracks and 400 cars for Forza 3. But, if NFS: Shift delivers a good, arcade style racing experience, the shortage of variety will be tolerable. If it tries to compete with Forza 3 and GT5 in the sim category, it will probably come up well short.

I'm still waiting for a sequel to last generation's best arcade racer - the PS2 version of NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 - but I guess it's just not in the cards. However, I'm cautiously optomistic about NFS: Shift.

marinelife94398d ago

It's like comparing a 4oz filet to a 1/4 pounder with cheese. They are both driving games but that's where the similarity ends. I like the lighting engine for NFS but it still doesn't come close to GT's graphical fidelity.

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SuperSharpShooter4398d ago

Need for speed..? jesus, its like a driving through now...and a medium coke too go...

Uncle Rico4398d ago

I don't know about NFS Nitro and World Online, but shift is looking really good. Have you actually seen the videos yet? They have some pretty damn good physics if you ask me.

Nitrowolf24398d ago

i agree, i like how they went with a new approach for this game. I really hope they don't do those movie things, i can't sit there and watch those.

No FanS Land4398d ago

no toyota supra? :( But nevertheless good car selection :D

paskowitz4398d ago

its not fare to compare this to GT5. GT5 was being developed before the PS3 was even announced. Thats over 4 years ago. If this game drives well (read better than GRiD) I will consider buying it. But I just hope it is more fun than NFS Pro Street.

Nitrowolf24398d ago

I did not like Pro street that much, but this game looks better (to me)

steve30x4398d ago

Its confirmed there will be a demo during the summer.

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The story is too old to be commented.