New Dead Space Extraction screens

N+Dpad brings you 12 new Dead Space: Extraction screens.

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Product4991d ago

That flamethrower looks BA.

FinalomegaS4991d ago

let's move on from the "it looks good/great", let's just say I am interested more than ever, those screens look clean, Niceness!

( still have NMH2 in my mind....gwad! but MH3... must play Conduit... but Grinder looks crazy... *head explodes*)

Product4991d ago

yea the grinder intrigues me as well


thats a Wii game ?! i know it's on rails, but dam that looks good. i thought the one on the xbox and ps3 was one of the best looking games last year, looks like they are not compromizing on this one either.

i am almost tempted to get a wii just for this. Dead space was my game of the year for 2008.

peowpeow4991d ago

Dead Space is one awesome game..wii version is looking good too :)

Perjoss4991d ago

im not too bothered by the graphics, if they are great then its just a bonus for me, what i really want to see is the removal of that damn lag you get on the crosshair in most wii 'light gun' games, its quite bad in umrella chronicles.

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