EMI drops DRM on music sold on Apple iTunes

In a landmark decision EMI have announced that they will drop DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection on their music sold via Apple iTunes, and offer their music in a higher quality.

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hfaze4269d ago

DRM doesn't work... DRM protected music can STILL be pirated, DRM protected movies are STILL available on P2P networks. DRM has FAILED in doing the one thing that it was designed to do... Protect digital media...

Instead, all it really does is to make using digital media a serious pain in the a$$ for the end user. Just take a look into the types of issues that people run into with iPod's and other MP3 players trying to get things working...

I think that if the media companies were to start pricing their media more reasonably, and giving their customers more choices (like killing off the album and allowing customers to only buy the songs they WANT for a reasonable price), that would do the most good in combatting piracy...

Schmitty074269d ago

Now all the music that I buy from iTunes will be able to be read by my Xbox when I pug in my iPod. I have been waiting for this day for a while.