High Voltage's new Wii game - First screenshots

The first screenshots regarding High Voltage's new Wii title have been released.

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knox3433d ago

those shots look amazing :O

SinnedNogara3433d ago

It would really be cool if you could brutally kill people online???

*then looks at MadWorld and sighs*

Great Game!!

Chubear3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Wait a minute... could this possibly be another rendition of Gladius? That TBS game that was on the PS2? It looks like it really could be. Anyways, I know if this is shown at E3 Nintendo fans will claim the graphics are on par with GoW3 regardless so yeah...

P/S oh wait, I remember. There was a game like this last gen. Where you played as a gladiator. I think it was in the fight genre, I'll go look for it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3433d ago

Why'd they have to make this a fighting game? This could have been a great action/adventure title.

knox3432d ago

yeah i just wish it was more of an action game.

N4g_null3432d ago

It's a over the shoulder fighting game with some different takes on gladiator fighting 300 comes to mind and gladiator will you get to go up against the emperor? ...Hmmmmm... Online being played with, complete light maps with very very nice set that have pretty dynamic lighting. The control system has motion+ confirmed and it's fully customizable. Unique controls for every fighter? They have more environmental effects, seriously these guys are getting better with each month. WOW this is on the Wii also.

Also if you don't like some thing say what it is other wise you are part of the problem. If you are part of the problem then you surely don't want the Wii to do good.

Full use of Z brush also check out that model they have at the end, that is some HD level modeling for that normal map there.

Also I think they should pull the camera back and use more mip map level and fade in a higher normal map when you get that close. UT3 engine uses this a lot. Yet it's a lot more controllable if you don't have full 3d.

Over all these guys are seriously impressing me with how far they are going on this system. The art team and dev team are coming into their own.

As a gamer this is going to be one interesting game. I'm sure they are having fun over at the studio now. I'm curious to see what they do with motion+ though.

n4f3432d ago

its seems logical because when they first introduce to the engine the first show medieval stuff and all that

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Myst3433d ago

High-Voltage set to deliver again? Well I'll be sure to keep my wallet ready for that and make some room on the shelf for their game.

Smacktard3433d ago

Great for people that love those kinds of games. This one doesn't really interest me though.

BX813433d ago

Looks like Uncharted 2 already got beat in the graphics department!!!

swiftshot933433d ago

funniest thing I've read all day. nice.

N4g_null3432d ago

Not quite and this is only 7 months into development, with full light maps and some ambitious lighting scheme to go. Seriously motion+ is going to add even more to this game. Really impressive work coming from their team though. If they would have had this type of funding during the GC days they would be the next retro or factor 5.

It seems they are taking all of the hate really well, keep it up it's making them into a force in the industry. They really do remind me of epic yet they make more than FPS which is very cool.

Shnazzyone3433d ago

What is this game about?!? I mean the graphics look mad sweet and the detail is wonderful but is it a fighting title? adventure? is it a god of war clone or is it a unique concept. These screens make me ask more questions then i get answers.


can you tell what kind of game it is? because i have no clue thus far.. are you just against roman games or is it graphicly nice games?

Seferoth753433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

"Gladiator A.D. takes strategic combat mechanics and steps it up a notch with an RPG-light twist and more player options. Players take their gladiator into one of history's most brutal blood sports; the Roman Gladiatorial Circuit. After winning enough favor from the crowd, players can challenge the champions for fame, wealth, and in some cases, freedom stand waiting to the victor. "

"Players have the option of playing as one of many gladiators, ranging from the Dark Druids of Amesbury, to the daughter of an Egyptian priest. Special achievements will unlock new gladiators, such as the current arena champion and even the emperor himself. Each character has an intricate story, abilities, and motivations to encourage playing through the game with all the different gladiators. "

"Gladiator A.D. is not a traditional 3D fighting game. It's more of a hybrid between 3D Fighting games like Bushido Blade and Boxing games like Fight Night. The action is intense, but the combat is strategic. You need to learn your opponent's weaknesses and think through your attack patterns to succeed. There is no button-mashing here. "

Full interview on I'll have to wait and see how The Conduit turns out before I decide to get it but so far it seems interesting.

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