Nintendojo: Gladiator A.D. First Look

Hardcore Wii owners have plenty to cheer about right now. The Conduit is a great game, and the upcoming Muramasa: The Demon Blade and The Grinder are looking good as well. The funny thing is that two of the three aforementioned titles are from the same developer: High Voltage Software. Well, High Voltage is back for more, with a one-on-one strategic fighter that dates back to the times of ancient Rome.

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EvilTwin3445d ago

I'm a little more excited for this than for Grinder. The Conduit is fantastic and fulfills my online shooting jones, but Wii has some great brawlers (NHM and MadWorld), and I can't wait to see what HVS does with this.

N4g_null3445d ago

I lnknow the grinder has the 4 player shot the horde stuff going yet this game already looks the way it should. The game play is a little iffy though. For it to be fun it must flow. I suggest they play blazblue to see what I'm talking about. Man I've been playing that game all week end.