Epic Mistakes: Valve's broken weapon unlock system

Gamer Limit writes "While Valve's intentions seem to be good, I can't help but think that this new system is irrevocably broken."

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syvergy3437d ago

It's completely random, and broken.

I saw a guy in game get the same item 11 times in the space of a single match. Crazy.

AcesAndEights3437d ago

Yeah, the old system had some flaws, but completely random? I'm not even the least bit interested to log on for that. That's going to be my protest, and I urge all you who don't like it to do the same. If you protest by idling like others, how will Valve notice? If they see a mass decrease of people logging on, then they're bound to sit up and take notice.

njr3437d ago

I don't think the old system had any real flaws. All you had to do was unlock achievements to get your weapons. The only problem was that Valve didn't mention that when you play the game, so some people didn't know how to unlock them.

Proxy3437d ago

All the achievement whores are going to stop playing?

I like this update just keeps getting better and better! :)

evrfighter3437d ago

Im with Proxy.

What is broken though is making a dedicated server logging in with two friends and unlocking new weapons within an hour via statpadding. Sounds ridiculous but that's how I got my Pyro weapons.

Voozi3437d ago

So who else is sitting in achievement_idle right now?

After 3 days of farming, I've gotten the following....

- Kritzkreig
- Bonk! Energy Drink
- Ubersaw
- Blutsauger
- Axsinguisher

All stuff I already have...AWESOME

xlx-russ_923437d ago

dude i've been playing for 40-60 hours, and i didnt get anything new. i only got stupid scattergun which i already had. Valve u disappoint me.

Voozi3437d ago

Woohoo just got flare gun!

At this rate I'll have a 2nd pyro set just like I have a 2nd medic I guess I need to get 2nd scout & heavy set before I start getting Spy/Sniper stuff. AWESOME

-MD-3437d ago

I played normally from thursday-sunday and got 5 duplicate items so last night decided to rack up some hours sittin idle in a server and got an additional 3 duplicate items.

Still nothing new with about 30 hours play.

stevedawonder3437d ago

This sounds like another reason not to buy TF2.

v1c1ous3437d ago

the core game is still entertaining, i don't know ANYONE in their right mind who buys a game based on the DLC...

that's like saying "i'm not going to buy oblivion cause shivering isles expansion has bugs"

Pandamobile3437d ago

TF2 is the deepest multiplayer game around. Good luck finding one with more depth than TF2.

chrisjc3437d ago

I hope it changes back...

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The story is too old to be commented.