Worst Games to 100% Complete

Being a completionist can be fun, but some games are more like chores than fun. Here are the worst games to 100% complete.

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Knushwood Butt503d ago

The Yakuza Games

Haha, yeah, currently over 100 hours into Yakuza 0. Considering going for 100% and well on the way but may not get there. Cat Fights are a real chore.

blackblades503d ago

I use to be a trophy hunter, was getting around 20 to 30 platinums a year. Had a saying of Play-Beat-Platinum, play and enjoy the game like there wasn't no trophies, beat it and at least get 50% then look at them and see if I'll platinum and platinum it. I think death star was a pain, the servers was ending so i had to rush and play that for awhile none stop. NGs2 was hard because of that online trophy but easy if you had the partner that can do it for you while you grab the enemy attention. Grinding idk, death was grinding last one I had to grind for platinum literally 1 trophy needed was dungeon travler or something vita gave up on it. After that I stop trophy hunting get like a 1 platinum a year or 0.

Knushwood Butt503d ago

Yeah, if I enjoy a game I usually go for the platinum unless there are some unreasonable trophies in there.

For Yakuza 0 I've invested too much time in it to give up just yet and most of the content is good fun, apart from Cat Fighting which is broken and dull after a couple of fights.

DarXyde503d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was literally the last platinum I got on PS3. After that, I went into PS4 kinda deflated and getting them where it felt appropriate.

I genuinely HATED that platinum, but it was a personal challenge I took upon myself. It was a lot of "get 1,000 kills with [insert weapon]" and it got to be a bit tedious. Master Ninja really pissed me off, but the WORST which you alluded to was that bloody Gold trophy for missions that you needed to do online because the AI was useless and got wrecked in moments. I jumped on the game a bit late so I struggled with finding a partner for at least 1.5 months. After that, I burned out hard with trophy hunting. I still came back for games I really enjoyed (Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Nier: Automata, and a few others that escape me) and low hanging fruit that was just a bit time consuming and I didn't want to buy new games at the time (Final Fantasy XV). Total, it becomes clear where I taper off since I've only plat'ed 33 games since there inception of trophies which really isn't much.

Screw Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 lol. That game was pure nightmare fuel.

blackblades503d ago

I say never force getting a platinum, its not worth the trouble definitely if it costing you to waste time on chore like grind. Those brainless design trophies.

hotnickles503d ago

Dead rising was the worst one I’ve ever tried. I haven’t tried it with the modern console “rest mode” but the 360 didn’t have that.

Duke19503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

Was GTa4 the on where you had to collect a shit ton of pigeons around the map and there was no help in finding them?

roadkillers502d ago

Yep. I’d say GTASA was more difficult since there were so many collectibles

Profchaos502d ago

The saving grace was that there was only on average 50 collectables with the two exceptions being graffiti and oysters from memory horseshoes and photos were capped at 50 each.

But for me it was all the other grind that was way more painful in SA like the car export lists which even with guides took way longer than collecting stuff

iivGHOST502d ago

There was a guide book that came out with the game that had all the pigeons in it. I actually still have it

Chocoburger503d ago

One of the more recent games I got a Platinum in was Killzone: Mercenary for Vita. What a crap game, that requires so much terrible grinding.

Awful game, awful experience.

outsider1624502d ago

Oh man..wish i could get a vita. I've been trying to get a preowned too(in my country) but no luck.

CantThinkOfAUsername503d ago

I can vouch for Just Cause 2. It was the reason I quit achievement hunting. 86 hours in, the game bugged on me during one of the last side quests (it failed no matter what I did) and my save file got corrupted. Wiped it off my drive and never looked back.

SonyStyled502d ago

I downloaded the ‘complete edition’ or whatever it was called for $2 about 7yrs ago in hopes of trophy hunting it for a platinum. It always sounded fun and I would like to commit time to it but not enough for a platinum trophy