Strategy Informer: Infamous Review

Strategy Informer writes: "What do you get when you cross Realtime Worlds' Crackdown with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed? The answer is inFamous, Sony's latest great white hope PlayStation 3 exclusive from Sucker Punch, the developer responsible for the criminally underrated Sly Cooper games. An open-world superhero title, inFamous takes place amid the aftermath of a devastating explosion that has wiped out several blocks of Empire City, plunging the entirety of the surrounding areas into darkness. Playing as Cole - the courier who unwittingly carried the bomb during a delivery run – you find that you've been imbued with a variety of awesome electrical powers, transforming you into a powerful human battery."

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San Frandisco4066d ago

^^ Wut the?

assassins creed?.. that has nothing to do with inFAMOUS wutso ever... and reviewers need to stop putting this crackdown thing on inFAMOUS as well... just becouse the open worldness is in it doesnt mean its like another games or inspired by another game.

inFAMOUS is totally different from other sandbox games ive played and wen bieng reviewed,should be properly reviewed As inFAMOUS as itself and not other games.

ight done now ..

San Frandisco gives inFAMOUS: 9.8/10