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BritishGaming reviews Sandbox Superhero Game inFamous. "The game employs the karma and notoriety systems of games like Fallout and Fable, managing to give thorny moral dichotomies and a true agency in the world, despite its otherwise shallow exterior."

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krouse933436d ago

amazing score for an amazing game!

GVON3436d ago

yeah it's getting good scores,only two on here are under 8 so far

I thought it would get between 8.5-9.0 so I'm doing OK on that as here it's got a 8.9 average so far

3436d ago
JoySticksFTW3436d ago

I hope inFamous can live up to the hype like MGS4 did. Can't wait to pick my preorder up next week!

Panthers3436d ago

Yea, Infamous has been relatively under the radar as far as big games go. And from the demo I can say that it more than lives up to the hype.

JoySticksFTW3436d ago

I had a feeling that inFamous was going to be good because SuckerPunch did the Sly Cooper games. And now we're seeing such great reviews.

I really hope Prototype shines also. I mean those guys made Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and that was a gem.

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MysticStrummer3436d ago

This is the first review I've seen that says anything about the frame rate stuttering at all. I've seen some that say the frame rate never stutters. I played the demo and I didn't notice anything like that or the pop in effect, which I have seen mentioned elsewhere. I did see a random pedestrian on a rooftop, obviously out of place, standing on top of a vent pipe and kinda shaking. I will say that those who think this city looks better than GTA4 are crazy insane, but after playing the demo Infamous is a definite purchase for me. Great fun.

Gambit073436d ago

I noticed frame rate drops in the demo.

kaelix3436d ago

any frame rates :o I was busy running around trying to kill all the civilians with the electric grenades :o

PotNoodle3436d ago

I noticed framerate dips.. but in the strangest places. I could blow up everything around me, do all sorts of stuff and the framerate stayed solid.. but then randomly, i would be stood on top of a building - i wouldn't be doing anything and it would randomly just drop framerate.

But i've heard that the framerate is always around 30fps when you're out in the open, but when you go into the tunnels, underground parts and just the enclosed parts of the game - the framerate seems to go up as high as 60fps, but then as soon as you come out - it'll drop back down to the 30 or so.

It works like MGS4 did, you know - certain parts being 60fps, others being 30.

Information Minister3436d ago

I didn't notice frame rate drops, but I did notice some serious texture and geometry pop up (if you ever played GTAIV on the 360, you know what I'm talking about).

Mindboggle3436d ago

Yh i did notice frame rate drops aswell. And im sorry people you cant disagree with a facts. And im no fanboy....Im still getting it anyway, it wasnt really that bad...

cyclindk3436d ago

Review is okay, but ENOUGH with this "jaggies" crap... GTAIV got crazy scores for graphics and I couldn't stand looking at that game because of all the damn jaggies!!!

This game has FAR fewer in my opinion, but I guess that's gamer bias for you..

Nathan1233436d ago

For people complaining about Jaggies... Try playing the Demo at 720P and don't upscale it directly to 1080P. It solved (or reduced a lot) of Jaggies... Also, I reduced my HDTV contrast and colors a bit so that they don't bleed out off the edges. I have no issues with Jaggies now. For people complaining about it should first tweak it a bit and then complain. The frame rates are not an issue in the demo although the odd pop ins do feel awkward.. But hey I have played GTA and so it's not a big deal.

Infamous is an awesome game. and must buy for PS3 owners.

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MGOelite3436d ago

whoo! yey brits FTW fuk the rest of the world im happy in the UK

thomo18883436d ago

Good Review.

Off Topic: Scotland!

lordv8der3436d ago

Yay! another scot! bubbles for you!

MGOelite3436d ago

united kingdom > the world

on topic: im really looking forward to infamous thanks to the demo, i dont see the prototype demo though, hmm...

talltony3436d ago

I thought only Americans gave inflated reviews? I guess this game is actually good and I am sure you will buy it you just wont want anyone to know that you will actually like it.
Yea Mart its just not your day. Infamous is actually getting good reviews and the cell is more powerful than the i7. hmmmmmm...

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NovusTerminus3436d ago

Good review and all... But wtf is with the 4/4 scale?

TheColbertinator3436d ago

Its a very common review system for newspapers and movie reviews.

shazui1233436d ago

sames. wasnt enough to have any effect on its quality however, a frame rate dip to like, what would yo say? 23 fps or sumthing? i mean it wasnt too dramatic, didnt make it any worse. Especially as the only time I got it was when he was gliding along an electric wire in the night time mission period of the demo. I was extremely grateful it kept a smooth framerate after i dropped ten electric grenades into a queue and pile up of about 40 cars and a bunch of bad guys :) (bunch of civilians too :D)

lordv8der3436d ago

I have a SSD on my ps3 so maybe thats why i didnt notice any drops...

PotNoodle3436d ago

Your hard drive won't make any difference to framerate. When the framerate dips in a game it is a programming issue, now how the game is ran :p

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