Is Microsoft Price Gouging?

Games are Evil writes, "We noticed this obvious typo on the Xbox website yesterday. Microsoft had the newly released XBLA game Gel: Set & Match listed at the price of $800.00! It has since been fixed but we managed to snag a screen shot. No big deal but it's good for a laugh. Looks like Microsoft could use some proofreading help rather than just the usual spell check."

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bgrundman4879d ago

Boy I hope they fix that soon!

supercharger51504879d ago

I checked this morning and it's fixed. Anyone with common sense knows it's a typo but it's still funny.

CrAppleton4879d ago

a HUGE price difference of a typo.. lol

BRG90004879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

They apparently listed the price in dollars instead of MS points. It costs 800 points.

A weird mistake to make because nothing in the marketplace is priced in dollars. Maybe they just use the dollar sign as shorthand for MS points internally?

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killyourfm4879d ago

This is where I insert the requisite statement about how MS actually IS price-gouging their accessories. Still.

But yea, that's hilarious. Better be one DAMN awesome game!

CrAppleton4879d ago

agreed.. should be an amazing game for that price.. lol

Neco5124879d ago

NO game is worth that much, they screwed up

supercharger51504879d ago

I'm planning on getting it. It sort of looks like the Cubix flash game I used to play on the computer. We'll see. I'll let you know how it turns out.

ps3d04879d ago

neco there was same games that have sold for more then that. I got a game for my sega saturn that was recalled. only a very limited number made it to the retails and the ever not suppose to sell them. No idea what it sell for but I'm sure bit a nice lil sum. panzer dragoon saga sells for around 150-200 (I know that a far cry from 800)

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CrAppleton4879d ago

$800 holy sh!t! that must be an awesome game! I want it.. lol

jack who4879d ago

you agreed it was a typo than why you saying their price gouging? do you even know what price gouging is?

Neco5124879d ago

do you even know what a joke is? Jack ass

CrAppleton4879d ago

seriously.. some people need to stop taking things so literally all the time.

boodybandit4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

you take this console stuff far too seriously.
Lighten up. You'll live longer.

Spolodaface4879d ago

Anybody purchased this at the orignal asking price?
Remember, you cannot return items purcahsed on Xbox Live :P

YeOldeGamer4879d ago CAN return purchases made on PSN? Or Steam...or Netflix...or... You fail. :/

Spolodaface4878d ago

lol no - I'm no fanboy. I was just quoting what pops up whenever you try and purchase something on Live. I dunno about PSN as I don't own a PS3, and I've never noticed that particular message being prominent on Steam.

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The story is too old to be commented.