AV Club: Fallout 3: Broken Steel Review

After the 1980s TV comedy Sledge Hammer! ended its first season by killing off its cast in an massive bomb blast, the second-season première laughed off the cliffhanger with a title card explaining that new episodes would take place "five years before that nuclear explosion." Fallout 3: Broken Steel opens with a different slugline-"TWO WEEKS LATER"-but it's the same sleight-of-hand. Forget that (spoiler alert!) your character gets nuked with a bone-melting flash of radiation at the end of the original game. According to Broken Steel, the Lone Wanderer isn't dead at all, just tired. Those who want to play more Fallout 3 won't question that.

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surlyaardvark3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Maybe you put your little (spoiler alert) at the TOP of the paragraph next time so that the reader's eyes are RIGHT NEXT TO the spoiling information when you warn them to stop. Maybe in the title link, perhaps? I've been avoiding knowledge of the ending for months until I finish the game (to which I've given 93 hours so far)and now, with you little keystrokes, I know the ending. Crap. Thanks for nothin'.

N4G: maybe put the alert before the jump and the spoiler info AFTER?