Fallout DLC Discount for European PS3 Users

Bethesda announced today via the Bethblog that all Fallout 3 and New Vegas content packs would be going on sale for PS3 users from May 16 through May 30th. Both Fallout 3 and New Vegas add-ons will be discounted, unfortunately this deal is only for the European PlayStation Network.

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shadowwizard2439d ago


MrDead2439d ago

I love these games but they do drive me insane, save often or you could lose a lot of hard work when it crashes and it always does.

Broken Steel is by far the most broken of the DLC when I'm in the main courtyard of the steel works the game almost stutters to a halt.

A good tip, if your game starts to slow bring up your pipboy for a few seconds and it seems to sort out the problem, works better in New Vegas.

Suddenbrain2439d ago

Maybe I'm not disappointed that this isn't available in the US then. I haven't played any of the DLC yet but just assumed bugs would have been worked out by now. That's pretty sad if it is still broken.

Megaton2439d ago

Heard the DLC is unplayable on PS3.

MrDead2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Only had big problems with Broken Steel save and reload if you have issues.

NastyLeftHook02439d ago

i played it. how is playing it unplayable? makes no sense to me.

Tru_Blu2439d ago

I got 100% on FO3. Great game but the main game is buggy as hell and the DLC is 10 times worse.

Megaton2439d ago

Yeah, I got a plat in F3, but I got YLoD before the DLC came out. Heard it was way more unstable than the main game, which was pretty bad itself.

colossi162438d ago

I remembered Europe already had a discount on Fallout dlc shortly after ps plus started. I would've purchased all the dlc and get 100% of the trophies. Too bad.