WarHawk Video: 'Cell Designs Game For Us'

Over ten minutes of video goodness with the team at Incognito, in which one level designer reveals how Cell comes in useful for more than just playing PS3 games - it helps you design PS3 games as well.

shotty6539d ago

Sony developers talk the most Sh!t. Why don't they let the game talk for itself like the MS developers. This guy talks about 4x Anti Alasing and how no other console get do this, what an idiot the xbox 360 and even the wii also do this. He keeps saying that this is only possible on the ps3 however he has no experience working with the xbox 360 or the wii since he is a sony developer. This game can be done on the xbox 360, maybe even the Wii but not in HD for obvious reasons. The PS3 and Xbox 360 looks identical interms of visual which was sort of obvious at E3, look at the gameplay of the guy on foot in the city it looks like a mix of The outfit and Perfect Dark

OutLaw6539d ago (Edited 6539d ago )

I saw the whole video and nothing he said or showed, made me believe that the 360 couldn't do the same and maybe better. But thats my opinion and I hope they put this on the site for everybody to judge for them selves.

TheMART6538d ago

Haha hear what they say: "Warhawk uses the PS3 and the RSX to the maximum of it's capabilities"

Damn it would start to give me big fear when I was thinking of investing in a 600 dollar console where this would be the top of the power of it... OMG

If this is right, then the PS3 is capable of playing PS2 games with a minor extra's. I would change my thoughts for a 2nd, no even a 3rd time. Look also at those screens when one is walking with that guy it looks freaking ugly even the hardest Sony fans must agree

richie007bond6538d ago

if this is the best the ps3 can come up with then sony can shove it where the sun dont shine,this game look like a hi res ps2 game,the developer is talking complete mince(we are using the full power of the ps3)what a joke and they want $600 for this crap

mikeeno76538d ago

I really don't know how much lower Sony can fall. They are now beyond ridiculous. They are a comedy corporation...

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Roundtable: Dead Game Franchises We Miss

With every big game now belonging to a big intellectual property, there are those that have become redundant. Here are the series' we miss.

RPGer1117d ago

I miss Dark Cloud I mean damn, Dark Cloud 2 is one of the best Action RPG game ever made. The game have: Rich Worlds, different setting, tons of contents, vareity in gameplay like never before (and even after), best buliding mechanics, crafting system like no one did and finally impressive graphics.

Most underrated game ever. It deserved the popularity and sales of Zelda and Final Fantasy. ut unfortunately, Level-5 and Sony didn't advertise it at all.

titans99991117d ago

My franchises I wish would make a come back, are Battlefront by pandemic studios - galactic conquest was the best, mercenaries 1 and 2, and prototype 1 and 2...great games!


Remembering Warhawk – one of the PS3’s first multiplayer must-haves

TSA writes: "For many PS3 owners and members of the TSA community, Warhawk was our first foray into the mesmerising world of online multiplayer. Now, after more than a decade of dogfights, the skies over Eucadia are clear, the game’s two warring factions having called an eternal ceasefire. To put it in less poetic terms, Sony finally pulled the plug on January 31st with the online servers no longer accessible."

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ArchangelMike1899d ago

I hope we do get a next-gen Warhawk, that would be awesome. Warhawk was so underrated for it's time.

SegaSaturn6691898d ago

This game...my god. What a masterpiece.

mkis0071898d ago

I really enjoyed warhawk on ps3. Hope it isn't dead because of Starhawks average reception.