TGS: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

TGS: "Does cdv's Sacred 2: Fallen Angel live up to the expectations of action fantasy fans everywhere?"

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spydersvenom3807d ago

The review clearly shows me that if I can excuse some flaws I'll be having some fun!

Elven63807d ago

I hope this game sells well enough to pull the publisher out of bankruptcy.

raiden_933807d ago

Don't know if this game is for me, but the review is worth a read ;)

Pennywise3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I got tired of waiting for this game and bought Demon's Souls. I would like a good 100% coop dungeon crawler though.

They praise the coop that it is the best part of the game and they gave it a 7.6?? I cant understand some reviewers.

pangitkqb3807d ago

You can play the entire game in co-op, on or offline.

Elven63807d ago

Funny thing about co-op, people say local co-op is dying yet its become more and more popular!

Pennywise3806d ago

ELven I dont know why says that, but I LOVE coop/multiplayer. It makes the longevity of games so much longer.

RadientFlux3807d ago

Definitely picking up this game for the long weekend. I've been waiting for this type of hack and slash game for awhile (one of the genre I miss back from my PC gaming days).

jimineyscrickets3807d ago

I miss a good dungeon crawling hack-n-slash adventure and this looks to fill the void.

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