Staying Busy Until Diablo III’s Release

Chris Gravelle wrote: Diablo III is just around the corner, and the level of excitement for the game is getting a bit out of hand. It’s partly because of the timing of the release date announcement (no nine-month waits here) and partly because it is, after all, Diablo. The open beta this previous weekend kept me pretty busy and raised my level of excitement more than I should admit. But in the meantime, where do I scratch my loot hunting itch? Well, there are a surprising number of titles that can do just that and I’ll cover a chunk of newer and older titles in this article.

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PaladinXII3377d ago

Lots of great options in this list... I wonder if they'll all hear crickets chirp on May 15.

Cataract3377d ago

That's right, just under a month now. I still desperately need to upgrade my graphics card before then!

Vagrant3377d ago

Playing SWTOR. Will still be playing SWTOR come May 15th, but perhaps not as frequently for a few weeks.

BlackjackCF3377d ago

I'll just continue keeping my head down and playing Path to Exile.

browland13377d ago

Once I get a proper gaming rig, Diablo III is going to be my first purchase. I feel like I'll be missing out on something special with this game.

catfrog3376d ago

you dont need a proper gaming rig, six year old gpu's will run diablo 3

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