TGV: Top 15 Video Game-Related Artists

Excerpt: We’re going to take a look at some of the best game-related artists of this time period, but don’t be surprised if there are a few obscure ones on the list to enjoy. Things might get loud!

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borisfett3878d ago

van Canto? Really? Never did understand the appeal myself.

borisfett3878d ago

But you are forgiven because Machinae Supremacy are in there.

Sidology3878d ago

Well, of COURSE they are on there.

Sidology3878d ago

They're more of a novelty above anything, but I'm incredibly in love with the talent.

Being able to do just about everything with the voice, it's an excellent display of control and discipline.

Herminator3878d ago

Very nice list, the only one I can think of that's missing is Anamanaguchi.

Sidology3878d ago

The reason I left Anamanaguchi off is because their music is too compressed and makes for absolutely unlistenable quality. It's atrociously loud and while it's charming and cute (for the Scott Pilgrim game and their original stuff), I get a headache from listening to it.

There's no dynamic range, and while that IS a throwback to way-back-when, it should not be happening with modern recording techniques.

AP3878d ago

Obscure indeed! God.

SeraphimBlade3878d ago

Holy crap, now I need to play Sacred 2 just for Blind Guardian.

What about Poets of the Fall? Their songs were used in Alan Wake and Max Payne, and in Wake they wrote and performed the songs of the fictional metal band Old Gods of Asgard, and the songs played a major role in the story.

Sidology3878d ago

Hey, thanks for your comment! Didn't actually think about Poets of the Fall, but if I should have a "runner-up" list, they'll definitely be on there.