Game Revolution: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Sacred 2 lends credence to the claim that console ports in a genre normally reserved for the PC can work. In fact, with the exception of menu interfaces and loading times in towns, this is actually better than the PC version, if just for the fact that it didn't crash once during my combined 50 hours of playtime. More than just a slap-dash effort, Sacred 2 succeeds because of its rough, but focused and raw attention to the essence of its genre.

+ Great hybrid of MMORPG and hack-n-slash
+ Map of epic proportions
+ Plenty of loot, skills, and combat arts
+ Ease of multiplayer
+ Free world mode

+/- Sorted lists vs. grid-based inventory system

- Too many meaningless quests
- Unlocking three difficulty levels
- Various bugs and glitches
- Is higher regeneration time worth it?

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ElementX3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

After the IGN review I was skeptical of this game. I pre-ordered it from Best Buy with a gift card and reward zone certificate, so it didn't cost me anything. I ordered the PS3 version, which I hear has better graphics than the 360 version. I'm not looking for anything spectacular, just a hack-and-slash game to keep me busy since there aren't any this generation.

I miss Baulder's Gate: Dark Alliance. They should create a new game with the same premise and updated graphics. I truly believe that hack-and-slash RPGs have a devote following, however there aren't any this generation. Maybe a Champions of Norrath game for PS3. (I never owned a PS2 and didn't play the original but I heard it's quite fun)