Listen To The Music Of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Sir-G from TrueGameHeadz writes:
"I couldn't be more excited for this upcoming "retelling" of the first "Silent Hill" game.This new addition to the franchise promises a much needed reboot to the series which has fallen by the way side as of late ("Silent Hill : Homecoming," I'm looking at you). So I was more than happy to hear series vet Akira Yamaoka return to scoring the game. And now that I have heard some tracks from the upcoming game, I have to say it does not disappoint. Check out a few of the tracks (which have a low chillout tempo) below and get..."

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bitboi3813d ago

I will def' be buying this soundtrack if they release one! These are the types of beats i wish were in Silent Hill Homecoming. Ahh well, this'll give me more reason to be excited for this game.

Shnazzyone3813d ago

always good to see things starting to come togeather on a franchise that deserves no less. I know it isn't a wii exclusive title... but it might as well be. Wonder how much longer hd gamers can be in denial as the games finally start flowing in the direction of the wii.