Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the fears in your ears

Destructoid: "Last year I started a new tradition where around Halloween, I would break out my collection of Wii games and play what I consider to be the greatest horror game in my collection. While I wouldn't say I'm the biggest horror fan -- and maybe that's why my favorite game in the genre is considered by most to be the least scary in the series -- I do have a few horror titles tucked away in storage. There's a couple of the Resident Evils, Eternal Darkness, ZombiU and a handful of others. They're all great games, all scary in their own way, but none of them have stuck with me, have festered into the very fabric of my being, like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has."

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PhantomS42991d ago

Shattered Memories was so fun. A reimagining of the first game and the last great Silent Hill outside of 1,2, and 3. Man I miss Silent Hill :(

VsAssassin991d ago

I would buy this game if they rework it to play well on the PS4 or XboxOne (without gimmicks in the form of motion or Move controls). Konami should remake it. But knowing the company's self-inflicted downhill trajectory in console gaming, they may not. :(

PhantomS42991d ago

They could just port the PS2 version. That didn't have the motion controls and played fine.