Sony has announced the launch of the official PlayStation 3 website.

It's designed to provide you with "all the latest information and images of the console which promises to usher in a brave new world of home entertainment."

Along with pics and hardware specifications, you can find info about games such as Genji 2, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Formula One 06 and MotorStorm - plus our personal favourite, next-gen SingStar.

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joemutt5810d ago

The The website is delayed until late summer. They delay everything else, what a suprise if the website actually came online on time.


by the way dumb A$$ its aready online

joemutt5810d ago

I know its already online, its the first thing Sony has gotten right about the PS3, Dumb A$$

shoota335810d ago

You seriously have some problems. Why do you hate sony so much?

OutLaw5810d ago (Edited 5810d ago )

Lets not start with, why this and why that.

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Cyclonus5810d ago

and gametime is a Maxipad.



yeah, its a weak line up. are these the confirmed launch titles?