Retailers Already Selling Infamous

Infamous will be released on May 26th. However, if you look hard enough, you may be able to find the title at retail stores right now.

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thomo18883458d ago


50CALheadshot3458d ago


i wants

Lifendz3458d ago

to get money to buy this game. Let the age of Infamy begin!

jadenkorri3458d ago

im stuck at work....going to local dumba$$ stores, bet they be selling....

CobraKai3458d ago

Give them to me!!!! GIVE THEM!!!!!
oh and um can anyone spot me 60 bones I'm kinda poor at the moment

FamilyGuy3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

If i found a store selling early copies id buy a few, keep one and ebay the rest.
That would be great.

I took these pics recently

My Games
My blu-ray movies

Some aren't even unwrapped and rock rev i got from that $10 bestbuy thing, you can still see the yellow sticker on top. The glared oin games are Soul Calibur 4 and Street Fighter 4, the glared on movies are The Patriot and Flight of The Phoenix

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Tr10wn3458d ago

i just got 2 game on my ps3 and i think this will be the 3rd one

no-spin3458d ago

I got 13 and most of them exclusives.
Either im a complusive buyer or you are missing out.

KwietStorm3458d ago

I have 40 games (about 25 Blu-Ray, the rest PSN), mostly exclusives. Maybe he just got his PS3?

no-spin3458d ago

Good point

No harm intended, my point is that 2-3 games for a PS3 is not taking advantage of what is available (and some for a low price since they are old).

I buy as much as my wallet allows me, a console is only as good as the games u have, the more the merrier.

VaTechfan903458d ago

this will be my 40th disc game(unless i buy another one before this one comes out) and don't know how many psn games i have lol

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Unbiased13458d ago

Why they don't release it right now if it is done and complete? Tell sites to put reviews on and relase it on 10th of May. So stupid.

Fishy Fingers3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Shipments. It's impossible to ship copies to all the retailers in just a few days. Release dates allow them time to get the game out to everyone before it's meant to go on sale. To allow an even playing field if you like.

Very few copies actually seem to be in peoples hands. It's more likely they've been acquired from the distribution companies.

DavidMacDougall3458d ago

Maybe Sony put money behide advertising and they want it to pay off?

Like a couple of weeks of adverts gets more sales day 1?

dlp213458d ago


That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. They absolutely can ship to every retailer all the copies that they need. They do it all the time. In fact if you go hang out at a local gamestop/EB you will see almost like clockwork all the new releases get there on Weds.

The game has been gold for nearly 3 weeks now, I can almost guarantee that there are enough copies out there to go live this week.

S M N3458d ago

the rest of the world say hi

REALgamer3458d ago

Because the game is being shipped to retailers as copies are still being manufactured. Often it goes by regions, so perhaps all stores n a certain state or country will get theirs around the same time before moving on to the next.

Because remember: there's also stuff like the manuals and cases that need to be made simultaneously and it could never be perfectly in sync, leading to hold-ups depending on what takes the most time to manufacture. The release date leaves room for error - eg: if a major game-breaking bug is discovered and copies can be recalled, or if something unintended slips onto the discs (think GTA: San Andreas hot coffee).

So dlp21, it's the starting point that's the hardest - making sure all regions have their copies to sell by the release date. Once that's out of the way they can keep producing more (but in fewer quantities) for the continuous restocking, but many games sell as much as 50% of their 'lifetime' sales in their first month. It's easy to keep making the small quantities for after that.

Stores will also be ordering more copies even before release based on the number of preorders they've received.

Hope that clears it up. Release dates are there for a reason, even if certain areas or stores get their shipments quite early they aren't allowed to touch them to ensure equal trading worldwide so no retailer gets an unfair advantage.

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chidori6663458d ago


TheMART3458d ago

Well... The competition and that hard this month, is it...

I think in the end Prototype >>>>> inFamous

Kratos193458d ago

^Another Xbox fan hiding behind a multiplat. Reminds me of when they pretended RE5 was the graphics king due to jealousy of Killzone 2. The funny thing is, PS3 owners don't miss out on any of those games.

TheMART3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

The fun thing is: I am playing all games, I own a 360, PS3, Wii and 2 x PSP.

I own KZ2, Uncharted, Ratchet&Clank, LBP and MGS4. I don't care about RE5 and I am talking about what Prototype has shown and inFamous seems to be. They're both the same kind of game just with some different powers to use.

Its sad you're just a PS3 fandroid that can't discuss about anything brought up.


@ the one below:

More interesting weapons, attack possibilities, the story, the way how one can 'adapt' someone elses outfit/person... When I see the gameplay movies besides each other, Prototype just seems more interesting

XXXCouture3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Why do you think Prototype will be better Mart?

Yeah i see what you mean. To me it just looks like Prototype wants too much, i mean it looks really fun. But i'm just afraid it well get too boring when you can just pwn everything so easy, but of course thats just my opinion. And you are totally entitled to your opinion aswell

TheMART3458d ago

And this footage is also great:

Top Ten reasons to get Prototype

It just looks as it'll bring more fun, and more gore and blood.

NNNW3458d ago

if i am not wrong, on gametrailer's latest IW podcast, one of the guys said that while prototype looked "cooler", infamous in his opinion had much better gameplay..

just saying; after all he has played both

G4Chicks3458d ago

The Mart is right. Geez everyone seems to attack him but his comments normally look legit and unbiased. I have all 3 systems but I like inFamous a little more. Just like he has all 3 but feels like Prototype appeals to him. It's just a matter of taste.

jBat173458d ago

that their target audience are a**h0l3s.. haha.. they did a good job getting those type of people interested! mart, right here, is the best example.. he is also a big a, ummm, audience

Gue13458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )


Mart attacks Sony like if they have raped his little sister or something... Ignored by: 305 users

Just look at some of its(Mart's a troll) previous comments...

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------
1) 6 hours ago

KZ2 will get pwned so hard by Modern Warfare II.

Its still Infinity Ward you know. Heck, COD4 even is a better game then KZ2.

2) I feel sorry for Ps3 owners they will never play this fantastic game...who am i kidding I'm glad they won't get to play this game they don't deserve too.

3) 20 hours ago
Too bad, you know my comment is spot on with some proof. The only thing PS3 fantards can do is make comments that don't react on the truth.

Its hard to hear it, go cry in your bed tonight your mum might give you a hugh.

4) 1 day 2 hours ago
Prototype looks to become a better game then inFamous from what I've seen from both games.

5) 1 day 4 hours ago
Omar your brain has been damaged being too long in Sony LaLaLand dude.

Two of the games mentioned are rated about 8 out of 10 average (source Metacritic). You know which games on teh teh PS3 have been rated about that score that are said to be AAA games by PS3 fantards like yourself???

- GT5p
- Heavenly Sword
- Motorstorm 1&2
- Yakuza 3
- Warhawk
- Metal Gear Online
- Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection & T5: DR Online
- Disgaea 3

Fack dude, thats about half the number of games out on the PS3. And About all the AAA games SOny fantards allways mention to play.

So I guess the 360 has some great 'flops' there!

6) 1 day 4 hours ago
Oh Kimmy its a lot more then what you like PS3 droids to believe. You have profiled yourself as a PS3 fantard to the max so you shouldn't say anything.

Again. Go talk to Madden Raiders, Deep Brown, Mr. Suede and other people on N4G that are or have been the newsposters for some time, just surf the forums nowadays etc. A lot of people have a PS3 crapped out on them. And certainly not 1 in a million. And also not 1% failure rate.

If real research was done, a lot higher % of failure it would be. And again, you as PS3 fantards taking the RROD 'failure rate' of launch consoles, which even was a number taken from an online survey were everyone could attent (including PS3 fantards like you that don't even own a 360) to say it broke down isn't very trustable, let alone that the outcomes could be called significant. Go look up on real surveys.

The PS3 just breaks down a lot on BluRay problems and the launch models on YLOD. Again, go search up many threads on this

7) 1 day 7 hours ago
What about the PS2 laser diode problem that was very big. What about the sme kind of BluRay problems now.

PS fans think Sony can make hardware, but they suck also at certain stuff like the laser diodes. PS3 fans can only grab back on RROD stories of the past and not take any negative talk about PS3 failures.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------

=Yep, that seems pretty unbiased to me... Except when he attacks Sony. And that's like... Always? ;)
Look at his history of comments, all of them are anti Sony. Everything on PS3 is a piece of crap, the PS2 was crap, Sony is crap... Period. That's Mart for you.

G4Chicks3458d ago

heh! your right. My bad. I'm still kind of new to this site and I don't really look at peoples comment history. bubbles:)

Major_Tom3458d ago

Haha, Mart thinks the Hulk v2.0 is gonna be better than Infamous.

PS3Freak3458d ago

I plan on buying both Infamous and Prototype. They both look great.

GiantEnemyCrab3458d ago

And G4 Chicks I invite you to check the comment history of the people who are calling out the Mart. NONE of them are innocent so don't let them pretend you are getting some unbiased opinion from them.

TBH I can't decide which one to get but the demo for Infamous will help. I hope that Prototype does the same.

DavidMacDougall3458d ago

You can all check my comment history if you want, but its mostly just shooting down bots

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demoneyeslaharl3458d ago

I'm gonna look. If there's one copy, I'm getting it.