High Voltage: Two Games For Wii at E3, One to Support 65 Enemies On-Screen

Slashgamer: "We already know that High Voltage's The Conduit, is probably one of the best looking games that will come out for the Wii, that's a given. However, what we didn't know is that the studio is planning on announcing two new games for Nintendo's console, at E3. Eric Nofsinger, confirmed the news while having an interview.

"We have two big ones that we'll be announcing at E3, we can't tell you [what they are] yet," He said..."

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SinnedNogara3485d ago

Well, they have to show "The Conduit" at E3. I am really excited. 65 enemies seems very cool. At this point, High Voltage could eventually beat Dead Rising Wii.

Hope that Animales de la Muerte gets a WiiWare release. It won't sell anything on disc. Maybe Nintendo will raise the limit.

N4g_null3485d ago

That is very impressive. They stand to make a lot of money middle ware wise.

bardler3485d ago

It is cool that they are pushing the Wii hardware as much as they can but they make them selves sound like idiots when say they things like "Our goal with these [two] upcoming games is to do things that are very very rare, even on the 360 or PS3.” And added, “Some of things we are doing with the shear number of enemies on the screen and things like that, are very impressive."

red2tango3485d ago

not trying to offend anyone, but I could swear God of War 2 had this and that was a PS2...

MegaPowa3485d ago

We dont know what he means 65enemies that have good AI and aren't mindless idiots

KwietStorm3485d ago

Well do you really believe the Wii could handle a great number of enemies on screen, all with great AI?

N4g_null3484d ago

That is very possible. No one has set up the memory management for it on the Wii it seems. The Wii is almost an open GL like beast and if you know any thing about open GL is has been waiting for some stuff for a while when it's already in direct x 9, 10 and 11 should be cool also. Most HD games use direct x 9. HVS seems to be coding to the metal so to say. They are filling in where the API tool guys did not, this stuff has to be tested though yet they don't have to support legacy stuff so the sky is the limit as long as the chips can handle it.

In laymen terms.

There is such a thing as kit gemometry which can be used to build up details in any order on any animation rig. The AI works a groups of enemies as a team rather than one ai per character. Think of a team of 5 characters in conduit. Right now it can have 13-16 enemies on screen. Now when you use the idea from above you have teams of 5 but 13 sets of them. This let you do impressive things like have them pass each other weapons and share attacks. I believe MAG is try to use this idea also.

another thing is the SD card can be used for a lot of thing now from what I'm hearing, but that's not official yet.

HVS may be conservative with what they show though.

Check this out from the ailive guys. This is not a graphic test yet this is to show off Ai tricks on the Wii. Excuse the music LOL.

This is still very cool stuff though!

ThanatosDMC3485d ago

Space invaders... those little boogers know how to effectively dodge your lasers! They have the best AI!

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The story is too old to be commented.