Madden 10 for Wii sets the bar on passing

NintendoDpad writes:
"The big feature being pushed this year for Wii will be passing. They're calling it PointPass, and It's as simple as it sounds."

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Tachyon_Nova3462d ago

Sums up what the Wii is about, lameness. Go outside, and actually play the sport for _____ sake.

ChickeyCantor3462d ago

LOL -still- one of the lamest comments ever.

Yet no one complained about the sport games on other consoles.
No in this case people need to go outside and play real sport.

Its funny though, people like you say that "you don't wanna waggle but rather sit calm and relaxed while playing a game, not waving your arms"....yet you tell people to go outside and do a real sport...instead of playing a video game xD LOL.

Madden is also for the other consoles,
So why don't they go outside?
Or why don't people go on a real boxing sport?
Or why don't people go on a real racing sport?
Or why don't people go on a real ...shooting? sport?

Product3461d ago

@ Nova
you dont even waggle in this game, it's all IR...... so calm down.

manwich253461d ago

It looks like those screen clips were taken from a PSP