Riddick (Butcher Bay): Old and new engine in comparison

The guys at PC Games Hardware compared the new and the old engine from Riddick (Butcher Bay). Included is a high def video.

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MasterChief36243484d ago

The new engine looks immensely more polished and better than the old one.

Textures, shadows, reflections.... everything. All-around much better looking, for sure :D

TheIneffableBob3484d ago

I prefer the sharp look of the old engine.

dragunrising3484d ago

I concur. I prefer the old look. All of the new graphical additions made Butchers Bay look sort of faded and not as sharp. Certain aspects such as the lighting and anti-aliasing are better in the upgrade. Textures arguably look worse with the post processing effects. I still love it regardless.

Also, as an the owner of a console version, I'm disappointed by the jaggies. PC gamers and their graphixz! :-p

SonyRulz3484d ago

The old XBOX was a BEAST, with near next-gen graphical power, that made the PS2 look laughable. It's a shame Starbreeze didn't do a ground-up remake, rather than a touch-up. There's a ton of graphical glitches in the remake of COR:EFBB, all attributed to how they handled the touch-up. Floating guns, ammo clips, etc. Sometimes the character models show polygon movement on their skin, making it look like squares/triangles of skin are about to flake off...very disappointing. They really should have just put the original on Live Marketplace, and spent more time on Dark Athena.