Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3: Chronicles Of Riddick

Player Affinity writes: "Battlefield 3 is just days away, and hardcore console gamers are lining up in front of Best Buy to grab it at its midnight launch (While their more intelligent and attractive PC counterparts are staring at the Origin website waiting for the pre-load). But is dropping sixty bucks on launch day the best use of your gaming dollars? Instead of scrambling to be the first to play the hottest new FPS every month, you could spend that money on several classic shooters, or overlooked recent releases. Over the next few days, Player Affinity will recommend some great shooters that provide more fun for the same price, and might be more to your tastes than Battlefield 3."

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trainsinrdr3294d ago

This is the dumbest thread ever.
Who the f*ck is going to choose riddick over B3?
Its actually kind funny lol.

gillri3294d ago

well Riddick is awesome,

Grandclover3294d ago

Riddick may be the shiznet but his game however is shit....just shit not net.

deadpoole3294d ago

Riddick Original Remake and New Part is just awesome ... this is one of the best game ever ... extremely underrated.

But this thread is however pointless ... Just like when u r about to eat pizza, somebody brings in kfc.

Pintheshadows3294d ago

Why do I have to play Riddick instead of BF3. Can I not play both.

Quagmire3294d ago

I would prefer to play Riddick over generic warfae shooter #347 anyday, or as some people like to call it; Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3

Hufandpuf3294d ago

What military shooters have you played?

Quagmire3294d ago

Ugh....way too many of them to care anymore. They're all the same pro-america propaganda bullshit.

I like Sci-Fi shooters, FPS which actually ATTEMPT to do something different instead of catering to the brainless masses.

Hufandpuf3294d ago

Well, I wanted you to list them, but you're all out of bubbles.

vortis3294d ago

Red Orchestra,
Operation Flashpoint,
Brothers in Arms,
Crysis 2,
Modern Warfare 1, 2,
Black Ops,
and Battlefield 2, 2142, 1942, etc.,

I listed them for Quagmire. I hope that counts. And I don't know if those are the games he played but those games have now worn me out on military FPS games.

earbus3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Ill never tire of military games as i have been intrested in history since a weed , the best military game out is battlestations for me without a doubt .On the other hand if a game has a dragon i wont play it at all as i loath fantasy games or jumping platform games not everyone wants a 1,000 adventure odysee games they just end up like a nursery rhyme. Riddick is a top game i just got it again this gen batman aa borrowed so much.

DigitalRaptor3293d ago

What on earth was that earbus?

Did you pass grammar school?