German gamer murders fellow Advance Wars enthusiast

A German cyber gamer flew from all the way from Germany to the UK to kill the owner of an online forum, after becoming obsessed with the man's girlfriend.

David Heiss, 21, from Germany, killed Matthew Pyke last September by stabbing him 86 times in a "savage and sustained attack," Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Heiss was one of 40 members of the website Pyke ran:, a site for enthusiasts of the game Advance Wars. Pyke went by the name Shade, on the site.


Images of the girlfriend have now surfaced, for the first time. The article has been updated with these images.

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Candlestickmaker3512d ago

The dude was clearly psycho.

The moral is: when a member of your forum turns up at your house unannounced... panic!

-x.Red.x-3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


Mikerra173512d ago

this didnt really have anything to do with video games, but mostly a crime of phyco passion

thesummerofgeorge3512d ago

For christ sake, just cause the guys happened to play videogames.... even if it WAS over a game it still would have nothing to do with gaming. I hate it when people post this sh!t here, as if to imply video games had something to do with. Hey maybe the two guys both shared a love for the godfather trilogy, lets post this on imdb.

TheDude2dot03512d ago

That guy is a huge douche, but I don't know what the victim was thinking. Apparently the guy went to the victim's house twice to see the girlfriend. That should scream danger.

jadenkorri3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

they said it had nothing to do with gaming, they met through a website, let alone, whos dumb enough to give out their address... Thinks for a second...okay i have my full address on facebook...hmmm maybe bad

thesummerofgeorge3511d ago

I'm not saying the article claimed it had to do with gaming, I'm saying it doesn't belong on a gaming site like this. It's not gaming news, and when it is posted on a game site it implies that gaming had something to do with it, at least in my opinion... Cause otherwise why was it posted here? Should we post news here about anything as long as someone involved happened to play video games?

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-x.Red.x-3512d ago

I'm just about to play days of ruin

Nihilism3512d ago

you know what this means, games create murderers (or so the media will say), sh!t i better not sleep incase i kill myself, because i play alot

Fisherking3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I guess I better stop playing warhawk before one of the many thousands of players come in one of their warhawk ships and cluster bomb me ha... It is sad that the media tries to blame games in general for violent behavior and now they are stating even non-violent games are to blame.I have been playing games for many, many years and it never once never made me think about expressing violent behavior towards others in any way shape or form. I guess according to the general media the other millions and millions of other gamers that dont commit murder(99.99% of them) are the exception on how the media blames video games for violent behavior. And you know what, this article only mentioned video games a few times and as it was explained that the only connection(if any) was that the person in question met the other 2 people in a forum based on a game, and then states at the end of the article that video game's in general or the game in question that is stated in this article is to blame for this persons violent behavior when clearly that is not even remotely the case if you read the article. The truth is video games are very therapeutic and enjoyable and have many other benefits than just being entertaining even though entertainment is one of the main points, just visit this link: . Violent things/behavior have been happening since before the dawn of mankind and now video games are all of a sudden to blame, come on be realistic, there is much more to the story of why that person did what that person did and videos games was clearly not the cause in any way shape or form. I feel sorry for the victims and their families, but to blame video games for this persons violent behavior or for violent behavior in general is obviously ridiculous.

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