Five Nintendo Series We’d Love to See Return

Breath of the Wild may be an overwhelming favourite for game of the year awards the world over, but the real kicker for Switch lies in its future potential. Mario Odyssey, Metroid Prime 4 and the next core Pokémon have all been announced for the console to universal fan appreciation and, being the greedy Nintendo fans we are, we’re looking beyond those games towards five more franchises we really want to see return on Nintendo’s new phenomenon.

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deafdani1145d ago

Bring Lolo back kthnxbai

Nodoze1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Advance wars = YES YES YES YES YES
A port of Kid Icarus with PROPER controls
A port of Starfox from WiiU with PROPER controls
Animal Crossing
Oh and a port of Hyrule Warriors - Fantastic title
Oh and also port of all Zelda releases - maybe a nice box set with all of them

deafdani1145d ago

Starfox Wii U had proper controls. The problem wasn't the motion controls (which worked superb), it was the 2-screen gameplay. Asking the player to try and focus on two screens on a fast paced game was too much, and it proved to have a big learning curve that a lot of people didn't have the patience to overcome.

If they reworked that game so that you only need one screen, it would vastly improve. The motion controls themselves are just fine.

3-4-51145d ago

If Wargroove sells well, maybe Nintendo will take notice and bring back Advance Wars

Stevenssss1145d ago

Xenoblade chronicles X please