Where did Advance Wars go?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "As a gamer I absolutely love strategy games, whether they are turn-based, real-time, fantasy or modern or just something that is completely different I always look forward to the next big strategy game on the horizon so I can get my tactical hat out of the closest again. One of my personal favorite series however hasn’t been around too much lately and that’s starting to get a bit depressing. I am of course referring to Nintendo’s Advance Wars franchise, a series that had a long history with the company from way back on the Famicom before coming over to this side of the world in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance. But after the release of four great games the series just… vanished, never to be heard from again – well today we’re going to try to find out why as we ask the question – where did Advance Wars go?"

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FallenAngel1984907d ago

Advance Wars died off when Intelligent Systems began to see that Fire Emblem was becoming more prominent

I just want another Battalion Wars title

O-D-C907d ago

OMG YES! Battalion Wars is one of my favorite games of all time!

DivineAssault 907d ago

I would love for this series to come back.. It was so much fun! Like fire emblem but with modern military vehicles/troops.. I dont see why both cant exist. Maybe some people prefer guns to swords.. I like both and would buy the hell out of both if released..

strayanalog906d ago

I would say that Intelligent Systems is letting the franchise (and themselves) take a breather, because they do seem to jump back and forth between Wars, Fire Emblem, and Paper Mario.

I would venture to say that another Wars title, especially when Nintendo gets their online running, will be headed our way soon enough. Unless they go left field and develop another Paper Mario, but I'm only ruling that out because Ubi-soft is probably going to give us another Kingdom Battle.

Tatanga906d ago

I like fire emblem, awakening was shining, but fate was less brillant. We need a rotation between FE and AW.

Advance wars dual strike is still one of my favorite portable games. The design, special powers and dual matchs were great ideas. Fire emblem can't replace this.

And we need battalion wars for more action games on switch.

XabiDaChosenOne906d ago

This game was amazing on the game Boy advance.

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