Killzone 2: Best WW2 Shooter Ever

64MER ZONE reviews Killzone 2 by comparing it to World War 2 shooters:

Nazis in Space
When ideas grow old and repetition gets tiresome, when all hope seems lost, there's only one thing left to do: turn to the infinite void of space to spice things up a little. It worked for Super Mario, and it works for World War 2. Instead of invading Nazi-occupied Europe, you're invading the planet Helghan. The large battleships that stormed Normandy turn into Vekta cruisers. Instead of landing on enemy soil in a wooden boat, you do so in a flying tin can. The 'take out the anti-air turret' mission becomes the 'take out the lightning cannon' mission. The 'lower the bridge' mission becomes... well... I guess there's no real reason for bridges to be any different on other planets.

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The General3461d ago

Killzone 2: Best Shooter Ever

There, now get a PS3 if you want to play one of the best shooters ever :-)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3461d ago

Resistance is the best WW2 shooter. Bet you all forgot about that lol.

Resistance is still my fav fps too. i dunno y i like that game so much.

BX813461d ago

Yes KZ2 is the best ever now buy a PS3 if you want to play ONE of the best shooters ever.

Nice.. so it's not the best ever, it's one of the best. Got it.

XLiveGamer3461d ago

Killzone 2 one of the best FPS on PS3... and in a Sony PS3 fanatic the best ever.

KZ2 its another classic over hyped FPS with next gen graphics that's all. Yes i say it!

AntoineDcoolette3461d ago

Hey KZ2 has some intense firefights and stellar graphics but that's it. I got all the trophies and I have no desire to play the game ever again. Its repetitive, the dialogue sucks, the character development sucks and I hope they all die, and the online though awesome I grew tired of after getting all the trophies and went back to Team Fortress 2. If developers didn't have online to rely on their games would get sh!t reviews unless they stepped it up on the single player.

Now Half Life 2 series or Perfect Dark (n64) are real shooters.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3461d ago

I loved Wolfenstein and MOH: Frontline back in the day. I think Killzone 2 could have been better. I hated the dialogues and the character models. I loved the lighting, the music and visari. Some textures were great, others weren't. Some objects had no noticeable low polygon counts, but others did. The animations were superb, so was the lightning in the air, the volumetric fog effects, the guns, the enemies, the shadowing. A bit inconsistent, but good overall.

I was disappointed by Resistance 2, but after Bioshock and maybe The Orange Box, the best FPS I've played this generation goes to the original Resistance Fall of Man. I was overwhelmed by the guns, the variety, the length, and the storyline. Too bad insomniac screwed up with R2.

Honorable Mentions: COD4, Prey and the Darkness. I also liked Timeshift, Blacksite and Jericho to some degree, even if they were considered sh1tty by a lot of people.

ThanatosDMC3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

No you dont have all the trophies of KZ2. I'm not even talking about the DLC or the updated trophies.

Half Life 2 doesnt not have multiplayer. Half Life 2: Deathmatch is separate from it. "Its repetitive, the dialogue sucks, the character development sucks" <--- that's weird cuz you just described HL2 and most FPS games.

There is no character development in most FPS games. They're all shoot first think later. How the "story" unfolds does not directly influence the character in any way. The character would still annihilate everything on sight. I do.

Team Fortress 2 is over rated. It's been on sale in steam much more than most games. I played it on Steam but got tired of it. Repetitiveness is a biatch that plagued that game.

Prey by far kills most FPS story lines... sorta... i mean, they F-up your grandfather and especially the girl you love right in front of your eyes just so you could kill her with all the weapons you're packing. Revenge is sweet.

RememberThe3573461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Lets jump on the "Killzone 2 wasn't that great" bandwagon!

Or not...

The game is truly fantastic. It has it's flaws, and is not the best it could have been. The story was dumbed down purposely to make the experience seem more fast and action packed. The graphic, level design, and sound are phenomenal, but the voice acting and writing were crap. With more story and better writing Killzone 2 could have been as near to perfect as any game that has come before it. It sounds like GG has learned from this title, that PS3 gamer want to be told a story, and I hope that next time they come with a single player experience closer to the first installment.

The multi-player, on the other hand was done really well, and I'm having a great time with it. The stat tracking is great, the clan support is near perfect, and all it's missing is a party system.

@DMC: Half-Life 2 is one of the best shooters of all time. Damn near everything about it was and even to this day is top notch. And HL2 had a really damn good story. Other then that, I agree.

ThanatosDMC3461d ago

I never said HL2 sucked though. I like HL2... wait, i'll retrack my statement of it being repetitive since almost all the chapters you're made to do something else like driving, using your uber powerful gravity gun, zombie town, crab level, those bugs in the beach, those tri-pod levels, those bug prison powers, etc.

I was just merely pointing out that there wasnt a good story in Half Life and there was no character development. Everybody just knows Gordon Freeman... but as the player i dont know Gordon Freeman. Sure we "saved" the day in HL1 and he's a scientist. But what else?

I still cant properly use Synergy on Steam to play co-op. I wish we're allowed to setup our games just like in L4D... you know, being able to set up which campaign/map we start in. Synergy is complicated.

nycredude3461d ago

"Hey KZ2 has some intense firefights and stellar graphics but that's it."

Dude it's a FPS! That is what Fps are supposed to have. You want great story then why are you playing FPS?

I am just curious since you are so big on stories? Did you play Darkness and what did you think about it? That underated game had more and a better story than just about every Fps out there, not to mention twist and turns, yet sold like shiat! I still have it in my collection.

AntoineDcoolette3460d ago

I don't play many FPSs mostly because my primary experience with them is Halo's or Killzone's run to the end of the level and shoot everything that moves approach to the genre and I like to have a fully modeled avatar for the character.

I played The Darkness for an hour then stopped because I didn't like the mafia theme so I refrain from judgment of it. I made it half way through Bioshock then stopped because I hate water, hate the concept of underwater cities, and I didn't care for the art direction.

Yes, Thanatos, I have all of the KZ2 trophies except for the ones for the new map pack that I do plan on getting though I said I never plan on playing KZ2 again.

HL2 has stylized, varied, and believable environments, the narration and story are immersive, fluid, and never broken with cutscenes, the dialogue feels natural and lacks "EITHER THIS TRAIN IS GOING SOMEWHERE OR CARRYING SOMETHING THEY NEED" Einstein moments, though Gordon himself has no character development the NPCs have plenty enough, and its probably the least repetitive FPS I've played. You have vehicle segments, a lot of physics based puzzles, the Ant Lion segment, "set up these turrets to stop the enemy!", the squad based street battles, the Strider battles etc etc as you mentioned.

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raztad3461d ago

Well modern wars follow the same pattern ever since WWII, tactical objectives are more or less the same. Take that position, silence that turret, take beach, gather intelligence, deprive enemy from energy sources, etc, etc. Tom Clancy games introduced a change in the gameplay going tactic. You can note how GRAW goes deep into the new war doctrine, or war against small "rogue" states or terrorist organizations, but then GRAW isnt supposed to be a full scale war "simulator", KZ2 is.

To me KZ2 is the best shooter I have ever played. I like the pace, love the weighty controls (I very much dislike floaty games and bunny jumps) and the theme is dark and mature (not green aliens with peww peww weapons).

Hallucinate3461d ago

nah more like war of the planets er sumsh1t like that

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