10 New Screens: Dead Space Extraction

GrE writes, "All of you Nintendo fans who have been anxiously awaiting a stab at Dead Space are getting closer to your chance. Though the Wii isn't as technically advanced as the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, EA has done an amazing job at setting the scene. The morbid tone is a much welcome retreat from the usual candy coated fun that many have come to know and love on the Wii."

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Neco5123463d ago

Some amazing shots considering they're on the Wii

CrAppleton3463d ago

Yeah I'm surprised they look this good on the Wii.. Can't wait to see the final build

CrAppleton3463d ago

I'm also curious how the gameplay is going to work.. Isn't this supposed to be an "on the rail" shooter?

Neco5123463d ago

Last I heard it was. What do you expect from the Wii though?

Kaecyus3463d ago

It's gotta be a rail-shooter. They're doing what HotD Overkill did; making great graphics, but with a limited field of view. So long as it's not a corridor crawling railgun game I'll be happy.

Spolodaface3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Wow, that looks pretty sweet for a lame-arse port.

CrAppleton3463d ago

Not a port though.. it's a prequel :)

Spolodaface3463d ago

ah, so they're gonna butcher the gameplay too?

G4drake3463d ago

pretty(went close)WHOA! awesome

micro_invader3463d ago

Is this set on the Ishimura as well? Not thinking of getting it, because it's on the wii. I'm just more interested in the story itself.

CrAppleton3463d ago

I believe it's set down on the planet where the "marker" was found. It's a prequel.. which IMO would set it along side the comic book.. like I said though.. not sure

micro_invader3463d ago

hmmm, I see.

Thanks for the info :D

I hereby bestow a bubble upon thee.

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