Need For Speed: Shift in two exclusive videos

This is at the time of an event unfolding itself to London that we recently were able to put the hand on different versions of Need For Speed: Shift, the new episode of the series of the games of motor races of Electronic Arts, a title that, you will see it, does to take an all other orientation to the series.

We divide therefore with you these some turns of carried out, often laborious wheels, first of all on Playstation 3, for the first video (circuit of Brands Hatch to the flying one of a Pagani Zonda), then on Xbox 360, for the second one (traced fictitious in city to the flying one of a Porsche). Attention, recall that it is a matter here of a non final version of the game. Foreseen for the year end, this Need For Speed is well heard brought to big to evolve.

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CaseyRyback_CPO3461d ago

looking good, but ill reserve judgment for direct feed.

Marcelles253461d ago

this game is great graphics wise but it just looks boring
thats my opinion
damage? where did it go there was suppose to be sick crash scenes
but GRID still my favorite racing game

DelbertGrady3461d ago

The second video shows damage modelling.

LastDance3461d ago wonder they reiterate the fact that they are going for "fun" and not realism.

look at those physics

free2game3653461d ago

what are you talking about? the physics look extremely realistic

Sun Dance Kid3460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

I think the physics look weird because he/she got all the driving assists on, i think there is an option where you select arcade or simulation, like in gt5 pro. If the physics are even a little bit better than in prostreet it'll be just fine, but nothing can beat granturismo. I hope the got advanced tuning options like in underground 2, the last nfs:s tuning options were for r-tards.

irish-leprecaun3460d ago

gran turismo kiler!! not even close to prologue!!

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INehalemEXI3461d ago

ok now... , take those cars.. just scrap the tracks. Build some routes out of real world maps, add cops and let the fun begin.

Perjoss3460d ago

agreed, Most Wanted and Hot Persuit were the best NFS games ever, people just want to escape from cops in high speed chases while dodging traffic!

soxfan20053461d ago

Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

I'd pretty much given up on the "Need for Speed" series, but this one looks pretty good - pure racing with no dumb "underground" storyline. I'm actually getting my hopes up about this one. Hopefully they get it right.

Elvfam5113461d ago

the damage isnt crazy like it is in Grid the second video he/she crash head on to the road block and the front isnt even dented

BX813461d ago

1st day purchase for me. Quick question if anyone can help, which is better and why? The steering wheel for the 360 or the PS3 and which one? Thanks for the help

cronaldo73461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )


PS3 support Logitech Driving Force Pro/GT and G25.

360 only support the official Microsoft wheel, that is not as good as the Logitech.

free2game3653461d ago

well to be fair, the G25 is made for the PC more for than the PS3, you're best off getting it on that platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.