5 New Need For Speed: SHIFT Screens

EA has released yet another batch of eye candy screens from NFS: Shift.

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JOLLY13514d ago

Those screens look real nice!

CaseyRyback_CPO3514d ago

Graphically, the game is impressive, but isn't quite up to the painstakingly crafted visuals of Gran Turismo 5. Shift will feature real world tracks as well as tracks based upon certain cities and other tracks. As for cars, they will be licensed and expect cars from mid-range to top-tier exotics. I've been assured that you won't be starting the game in a minivan or PT Cruiser.

Uncle Rico3514d ago

Shots definitely look hot.

XLiveGamer3514d ago

This graphics looks amaizing!!!
Surely this screen shots are from the PS3 & PC edition!
There is no way Xbo0x 360 can handle those graphics! OMG!!!