El33tonline Review: Wheelman (Xbox 360)

Sometimes the difference between a good game and a truly great game is the often bandied about practice of 'polish,' those extra weeks and months that developers spend on ensuring that their game experience is perfectly smooth, not giving any gamer a chance to get distracted by badly implemented mechanics or iffy graphical glitches.

While the term 'polish,' or the sense of a 'lack of polish,' is too often sighted as the reason one game is a joy to behold, while the other is a chore to play, it's probably more accurate to attribute such ideas to the 'presentation' of the game, and how the developers have made certain that players of their games don't notice the behind-the-scenes goings on while they enjoy the experience of playing the game, rather than nitpicking all of the finicky details that should have been scrubbed, or 'polished,' away before anyone played it.

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