4 celebrities (other than Curt Schilling) whose games failed

Former pitcher Curt Schilling wasn’t the first celebrity from another profession to try his hand in the world of pixels and polygons. The World Series-winning athlete is still dealing with the collapse of his 38 Studios in Rhode Island (catch up with that story here), but he should take heart in the company he shares this list with. Some of Earth’s most talented people (and Vin Diesel) have tried applying their world-class skills toward producing a video game, and it rarely goes well. Some never release a thing, and others just release crap.

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idontgetit2430d ago

Haha - who woulda thunk?

acronkyoung2430d ago

I don't consider Shaq-Fu as a failure, because I play that a lot. Not because it's good, but because it's so hilariously bad. It failed so bad that it succeeded in my heart, therefore it was a success.

Nac2429d ago

Is it really failure if it never came out? I'm sure Halo and LMNO would have been huge.