6 Most Pointless Celebrity Involvements With Video Games

From AlienLion:

When Kelsey Grammer hosted the Grammys, folks were surprised, since he is an actor and not a musician. Gaming folks, on the other hand, give no poop about the fact that we have the Video Game Awards brimming with movie and music stars, who have little to do with gaming. VGA X was basically an hour-long Sam Jackson commercial, and yes, he did voice a character in GTA: San Andreas but Kelsey Grammer has probably sung a song or two. Now, I’m not ranting or anything, I just find it somewhat strange, especially considering how often it results in awkwardness.

What’s most perplexing is the fact that these celebs themselves willingly (I assume) agree to actually get involved in things so completely out of their waters. I can understand when someone like Shaq simply sells his likeness for a game like Shaq Fu and says “I don’t give a shit, just send the checks,” but why anyone would actually go and spend time and effort to participate in games and gaming, without first...

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MattyG3721d ago

This list needs more cowbell.

BiggCMan3721d ago

I liked Rise to Honor when I was younger :O This could be the nostalgia speaking of course XD

maximaz3721d ago

It's not a bad game but there really is no point to it featuring Jet Li if you think about it.

black9113721d ago

Misleading title I was thinking guess star.

catch3721d ago

As much as I love Kingdom Hearts games the celebrity voices do nothing for me and some of them are downright awful at it.

Boysangur3720d ago

Didn't even know that one had any...