Ranking every game with Vin Diesel from worst to best

From Xfire: "Video game enthusiast and Hollywood superstar, Vin Diesel, has taken his talents to video games numerous times. We've decided to rank all of his games from the worst to the best."

Orchard1048d ago (Edited 1048d ago )

“Ranking every game with Vin Diesel from terrible to bad”

Fixed the title for you.

Venoxn4g1047d ago

Yes it is..such a great game

bunt-custardly1047d ago

Obviously too young or ill-informed to pass judgement. Honestly, Orchard. You just mugged yourself off. Starbreeze Studios' The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is a very well-known classic.

rlow11047d ago

Butcher Bay was great. From the prolog, fist fighting, knife fights and story. The immersion of the whole package really uped the criteria of what a cutting edge game was back then. I would like another adventure with Riddick, but it would have to be triple A status to live up to Butcher Bay.

shaenoide1047d ago

You can't you. There isn't any good game :p

boing11047d ago

Butcher's Bay, man. A classic. One of the few games I finished in one sitting.

1047d ago
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darthv72974d ago

Butcher Bay is still an awesome game. Ghost Rider surprised me with how good it was, very GoW like. Warriors is another great one but with the exception of R&C, i havent played the others.

victorMaje974d ago

Was getting "page not found" until I turned on VPN. Any reason for this, culturedvultures?

TechRaptor1058d ago

That's a lot of Fast and Furious games

Relientk771058d ago

I'm looking at the tags for this article and almost wanna report it for tag spam haha

32froshes1058d ago

I totally felt that way when setting it up, haha

CYALTR1058d ago

I really wish they would release a DECENT Fast and the Furious game for consoles. It seems like a natural fit and instant brand awareness. The latest one looks like a train wreck. With all of the F and F money, you'd think they would invest a little of it into a real game.

Amplitude1058d ago

I beat the first game in 2 nights and it was fun. I got stoned as all hell though. Just completely fried. I'm sure it wasn't actually good but I had fun and that's what matters!


I always find getting blipped can get me in the zone on racing games

FPS_D3TH1058d ago

I really wish Driver 1-3 could get remaster/reboot… those games kick the shit out of this fast and furious trash

FPS_D3TH1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

Honestly that one was probably my least favorite out of them all.

Edit* actually I just remembered parallel lines… lol

Retroman1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

Not a one was good. I rather they make Underground 3 since NFS Underground was based off of Fast and the Furious 1

Fast and the Furious Crossroads was Crap.


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