Dead Space Extraction answers big question in original game

NintendoDpad reports:
"Dead Space Extraction's story has been outlined by EA today and they bring with them a huge announcement."

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Product4093d ago

Might be asking for to much but what if they answer the question about if Isaac is dead or not.

bigjclassic4093d ago

the main Dead Space story. Interesting, now I gotta get DS on PS3.

spunnups4093d ago

I bought this game on the PS3, but I don't see it selling well on the Wii. I can't think of one mature Wii game that has.

avantgarde844093d ago

of course you would say that

micro_invader4093d ago

Grrrr, why do they have to do that? Stretch the story across multiple platforms?

Oh well, I'll probably just have to read a walkthrough online or something.