AceGamez Review: SOCOM Confrontation

SOCOM Confrontation is a standard third person shooter that is completely dedicated to its online community. You can play as a member of the US Navy Seals, SAS, and Germany's Kommando Spezialkrafte (KSK), there along with several other international special operations forces teams. If you've ever played Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six then you'll already be familiar with what is on offer here, although given the lack of any single player element, there's no way to practice before you head online.

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SoapShoes4181d ago

People hating on this game. They have fixed it and while it is totally inexcusable for how it launched, the game just is great now and lots of fun. The PS2 games didn't get this much flak for being laggy, glitchy, and full of cheaters but oops! I forgot this is a PS3 game, PS3 games have to be the most innovative thing since the creation of video games.

Now all of the sudden Socom is getting looked down upon for being like Rainbow Six or Counterstrike when on PS2 people claimed it to be like those games but better. :|